Maria Schrader’s “I’m Your Man”

In the age of winning individualism and influential algorithms, how can a young woman find true love? Freely inspired by a short story by Emma Braslavsky, German filmmaker Maria Schrader (with her co-screenwriter Jan Schomberg) imagines an experimental encounter between Alma, a linguist, and Tom, a humanitarian program to seduce her. Far from the classic … Read more

Lyon, Nuggets of French Care

By Lara Rinaldi What if, tomorrow, artificial intelligence helps improve the management of serious illness? The project is led by Manity, a company born out of a meeting between Philip Blasquez and CNRS researcher Paul-Antoine Liberal. The former worked for ten years developing a business for a French subsidiary of a biotechnology company before deciding … Read more

Ian Lee Kun (meta): “Artificial intelligence would not be able to function without emotion.”

Yann Le Cun, 62, has been the director of artificial intelligence research at Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, etc.) since 2013. The Frenchman was awarded the Turing Prize in 2019, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in Mathematics. His colleagues Joshua Bengio and Geoffrey Hinton, for their work on deep learning (Acquiring deep knowledge) Do … Read more

Is artificial intelligence compatible with direct democracy?

Bot Dog’s algorithm is designed to detect and report hate messages on social media. According to some, artificial intelligence is a danger to democracy. Others see it as an opportunity. Algorithm, Big Data: Here’s how experts read these realities in light of the Swiss experience. This content was published on June 20, 2022 – … Read more

Makila AI accelerates its growth for artificial intelligence in the field of health

Montreal, June 21, 2022 / CNW Telbec / – Makila AI Delighted with the success of its advanced technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). More than 130 companies have joined it since the recent launch of solutions for the healthcare sector. Thanks to collaborative research projects with academia and research centers such as the Montreal … Read more

Bank Postal: Data is a team game

Data and AI are central components of La Bank Postal’s strategic planning, with backlogs for more than 200 uses. To align data projects and strategic plans, companies set up distributed governance systems. Matthew Olivier, CDO of Postal Bank In March 2021, La Bank Postal presented its new 2030 strategic plan. Its ambition: to become the … Read more

Veritas will make Netbackup fully autonomous

Autonomous backup. Veritas is developing a future version of its NetBackup software, temporarily known as Autonomous Data Management, which will search all of a company’s storage space, including the cloud, for backing up data. This will determine the best place to store their copies, not too far from production for information that may soon be … Read more