Artificial intelligence is shaping a new medical revolution

“Art at the junction of different sciences”, medicine is about to experience a new revolution in the early 21st century, as experienced by the 19th century painting world. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the medical paradigm, just as photography has renewed the foundations of painting yesterday. Supervisors, with the help of algorithms, are reinventing their … Read more

Cure the brain with micro-robots

News Published 1 day ago, Read 3 minutes Treatment of the human brain with the help of micro-robots is a bet launched by California start-up Bayonet Labs. A journey straight from science fiction that will revolutionize medicine. Send a tiny robot to the human brain to cure it? The founder Dr. assured that what was … Read more

The market for regenerative drugs is expected to reach $ 23.57 billion by 2027

The Global Regenerative Medicine Market According to a new report and data, the market size is expected to reach $ 23.57 billion by 2027 and record very fast revenue growth. The market for regenerative drugs is witnessing increasing demand due to the advent of stem cell technology, increasing incidence of chronic diseases and advances in … Read more

Healthcare Market Intelligence Highlights, Latest Analysis and Size, Share Update 2022-2030

Creating a good market analysis is a very useful practice. This will help you discover your blind spots and prepare them to compete with other businesses. The competitive environment you are facing is increasingly demanding. It is safe to assume that your competitors are conducting research for their own benefit. This is probably the best … Read more