Fake profiles generated by artificial intelligence have been identified and removed from the LinkedIn network

Renee Deresta and Josh Goldstein, two researchers at Stanford’s Internet Observatory, found more than 1,000 fake profiles on LinkedIn created with AI-generated photos, specifically with GAN (Generative Advertising Network). These fake profiles can allow companies to reach more customers without hiring more employees or exceeding the number of messages assigned by LinkedIn.. Renee Deresta and … Read more

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Russian-Ukrainian War (Analysis) *

AA / Emin Celik ** As the Russian-Ukrainian conflict continues and negotiations have not yet yielded results, the war has become a battleground for testing the role of advanced technology and artificial intelligence in the war.Cyber-attacks, weapons with artificial intelligence, and confusion-spreading platforms now have the potential to change the course of land development in … Read more

At the pole-interest, the Extradanse festival questions the influence of society on the body

The Pole-Sud Contemporary Dance Festival returns until May 19th. Through eight creations addressing assembly line work, oppression, or the boundaries of social classes, the shows raise questions about the evolution of the world and the way society has been drawn into the flesh. And to condemn this new evil, new dance is needed. After a … Read more

“Artificial intelligence is often associated with robots, but not just to create them.”

Last November, the state and INRIA (National Institute for Research in Digital Sciences and Technologies) formalized the creation of the LaborIA research program, which aimed to measure the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on employment and work conditions. Before launching several experiments on this theme from the second half of 2022, a barometer of AI … Read more

“Five Brain News”, Documentary on Brain and Artificial Intelligence

From 14 to 20 March, “Brain Week” was held, an event organized by the Neuroscience Society under the auspices of Mrs. Frederick Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. In this context, Jean-Stephen Bron’s documentary “Sync Novels do Survey” was presented on 14 March in Montpellier.. Born in Lausanne in 1969, Jean-Stephen Bron is … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: This profound science “simulates” AI savings and predicts which startups will get funded!

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Research into machine learning and artificial intelligence, which is now a core technology in virtually every industry and business, is far too much for anyone to read in its entirety. The aim of this section is to bring together some relevant recent discoveries and papers – especially in the field … Read more