When attendants learn to collaborate … pilot an Airbus A320

For the occasion, they kept their blue coats in the locker room of the Parisian Necker-Infants Malades Hospital. This Friday afternoon, six members of the ENT surgical team met with French leader Aviasim in a flight simulation. Team Building Sequence or Leaving Works Council? Both: These seasoned emergency therapists are perfecting their joint time management. … Read more

[Association partenaire] Sun baby: Take a sick baby by the hand

Kids enjoy a carnival themed day Belgian Association Sun Child A child accompanies a weak family by a serious illness. It responds to the hospital’s request for social services, ensures that the child’s treatment runs smoothly and offers wellness activities (recreational activities, vacations) for sick children and their families. At this time the mission of … Read more

Rare Diseases: Inserm Transfert Novartis Announces Signing A License Agreement With MyPharma Edition

Posted on Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 Inserm Transfert has just announced the signing of a licensing agreement with Novartis for the work, based on research by Professor Guillaume Canaud at the Institut Necker – Enfants Malade (INEM), of which Inserm is a supervisor. The results of this study aim to restore alpelisib in the indications … Read more

What is Dravet Syndrome? Can we cure it?

Specialist: Dr. Wilfrid Casseron, Neurologist Affects children from the first month of life, Dravet syndrome a Severe and severely disabled illness. It is manifested by regular epilepsy, significant developmental delays, and major learning disabilities. Explained by Dr. Wilfried Casseren, neurologist. Definition of Dravet syndrome “This particular syndrome was first described by Dr. Charlotte DravetIn the … Read more

Should monthly leave be introduced in France?

“This is a false good idea” Karin Hirsch, Professional equality expert, director of the consulting firm Axiso, vice-president of the equality laboratory I have many questions about this. On the one hand, it is very good because we are finally concerned about it. I find it admirable that young feminists have succeeded in bringing this … Read more

Social Security helps reduce child labor (ILO / UNICEF)

The Role of Social Security in Eliminating Child Labor: Evidence and Policy Impact Review, Presents the results of several studies conducted since 2010 that show how social protection – by helping families cope with economic or health shocks – reduces child labor and facilitates schooling. However, little progress has been made in ensuring that all … Read more

Video Game Addiction – Criticizing Your Child – Swimming Pool And New Safety Rules

Video games designed for addiction, the consequences of publicly criticizing your child, the safety of the backyard swimming pool Screen Video Games: Why do kids find it hard to stop playing? Does your child have trouble stopping playing their video games? Video games and apps are actually designed to be addictive and inspiring, warns a … Read more