“Society risks not protecting victims”

A seventeen-year-old children’s judge, sometimes nicknamed the “guardian angel of children,” Edward Durand is a figure committed to domestic violence. This expert, co-chair of the Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence Against Children (CIVS), explained to us the need for progress in protecting victims and fighting perpetrators. Interview. Paris match. Halfway through its mandate, … Read more

What do we know after 2 years?

How has the Kovid-19 epidemic affected children’s development? April 27, 2022 | The COVID-19 epidemic has profoundly changed the daily lives of children. How did these changes affect their development? Parents and experts update about a problem of concern. During the epidemic, children experienced instability and changes in routine. They have lost the opportunity to … Read more

What has changed in the new child protection law?

If it promises to be “child protection-related”, the law of February 7, 2022 seeks to respond primarily to the investigation or testimony of caregiving ex-children and to complete the National Strategy for the Prevention and Protection of Childhood 2020-2022. . The Divisional Council will maintain changes in the Family Assistant’s remuneration and working conditions and … Read more

An online school solution for one million refugee children

Education is a right that those who have fled their country are often deprived of. According to the United Nations, about half of the refugee children are out of school and the number continues to rise due to the recent conflict. To help address this, the Dubai-based Mohammed bin Rashid Global Initiatives Foundation has launched … Read more

Summers 2022: Can’t Miss an Event for French Tech Startups?

On June 9, 2022, the 3rd Annual Online Conference of SaaS Companies (which offers software services) in emerging Europe, Finland and Israel will be held, at the initiative of Flashpoint, a global investment group that invests in seeds sooner or later. Various useful products: seed capital, enterprise loans and secondary funds. By the end of … Read more