Young man in a good school? Those who discuss the best about it are the first to worry

Paris, September 20, 2021 – Their fascinating northern region has been analyzed by five researchers from the Enjeu program[x] – Childhood and youth supported by the University of Angers. Illustrated by designer Lewison, the report highlights that in terms of learning, the boundaries between school and the rest of society remain blurred. The child learns … Read more

Why do children allow themselves to be moved to do better than adults?

Over the past fifty years, children’s opportunities for development and freedom to play alone have shrunk significantly, as their parents worry about their safety, especially in the city. Recently, the Kovid-19 epidemic has further reduced their freelance activities. As a doctoral student in psychology, I have focused on the factors that impede the ability of … Read more

Israel has come a long way in food security since 1994

Despite Israel’s concerns, outrage and condemnation of the current Salmonella crisis, the response to the crisis shows that the country has made progress over the years in surveillance and food security. The withdrawal of the largest product in the country’s history began on Sunday, as many of the products made by its largest confectioner, Elite, … Read more

When real life upsets our principles

“I used to have a policy, now I have children. A Moreover, this formula is still a part of knowledge. In fact, when the child emerges, especially one of the siblings, many parents equip themselves with good resolution, imagining that they are able to transmit the values ​​close to their heart, to their favorite worldview, … Read more