“No”, by Jordan Peele, is a fascinating blockbuster half extraterrestrial sci-fi half Californian safari.

A black man, his white horse ghost, confronts the vastness of the California desert. Apart from the overly modern lighting and music pollution of a small house in the background, the decor will (almost) still bear the imprint of Eastwood cowboy boots. But good Otis Jr. (O.J., played by Daniel Kaluuya) isn’t brutal or ugly. … Read more

How much does the new SNCF app cost?

“oui.sncf” gives way to “SNCF Connect”, a new platform that integrates all the tools of the rail operator. performance? SNCF screenshot We test – Launched on Tuesday, the platform will gradually replace all railway company sites and applications. A redesign aimed at making life easier for passengers. Is he really successful? What if SNCF finally … Read more

Blacks in France and the villages of Bambola: general racism (…)

Blacks in France Documentary directed by journalist Aurelia Pereau and narrated by Franco-Congolese writer Alain Mabanco, 2 hours 01 minutes Other than the color of their skin and the racism they face, blacks living in this country have little in common. They belong to different strata and social classes, come from families from different countries, … Read more

When to go to Botswana? Climate, weather… Best time for a safari by region

Equal to an adventure destination, Botswana lends itself perfectly to safaris if you prefer the best time of the year to observe the animals of the Big Five and more. Discover our tips for choosing the right travel dates and regions according to the country’s climate. With a semi-arid subtropical climate, Botswana, one of the … Read more