Alain Delon afraid to shoot his last film? Patrice Leconte, the director, drops everything

Alain Delon no longer presents himself, he is a pillar of French cinema. An iconic actor, the public holds their breath at his every appearance. Indeed, its readersobjekko They’re not the only ones hoping to see Alain Delon star in his latest film. But the idea, which he mentioned himself in 2016, no longer seems … Read more

A talented actress!

Guillaume Canet has spilled a lot of ink in the press lately. As well as Marion Cotillard. In fact, there are rumors that this iconic couple of French cinema has split up. Without official confirmation from the main interested parties, we are nevertheless forced to note that they no longer appear together. The Cannes Film … Read more

How to get a refund for your ticket?

In the event of a strike by a company’s employees, flights are often paid. Patrick Kosmider / Adobe Stock to practice – Between strikes and staff shortages, many flights may be canceled this summer. A question arises: Can passengers be refunded? Most of the time, yes. Strike at Paris airport on 1ster July, Lufthansa flight … Read more

Alec Baldwin, hysterical, helpless, after the drama, he makes a radical decision and comforts Halina Hutchins’ husband.

Alec Baldwin is a famous American actor. From his height of 63 years, he has a career of almost 40 years behind him. And never, until this tragic day on Thursday, October 21, 2021, did a role put him in the position of the real killer. In fact, Baldwin was brought in to handle firearms … Read more