October 25 regional news

Former Malagasy PM’s flight, report control in Madagascar, electric car for safari in Tanzania and protection of Seychelles’ giant tortoise are in the regional news Madagascar: Before returning to Europe, the former prime minister of Malagasy ran to Mayo Quasar This is Jean Ravellonarivo, the former prime minister of Madagascar, Harry Rajaonarinampianina. He was sentenced … Read more

Attacks on Israel and Jews in Africa in the name of Iran are thwarted

An Israeli television channel reported on Sunday that five people had been arrested in African countries on suspicion of plotting to attack Israeli tourists or businessmen in the name of Iran. The five, based in Senegal, Tanzania and Ghana, were recruited by Iran’s expeditionary force Al-Quds Force Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to a Channel … Read more

Ngorongoro Crater Safari

Engorongoro Crater is one of the most interesting safari destinations in East Africa and indeed the whole of Africa. Reading my article, you must understand why you must include an Engorongoro crater safari in your trip to Tanzania. Engorangoro Crater Located in the Great Rift Valley of Tanzania, Engorongoro Crater is a vast circular caldera … Read more

Zanzibar: Heaven on earth

Today we are going to explore Zanzibar! A destination is still little known, but there are lots of offers! And for good reason, this Tanzanian archipelago offers a beautiful setting to recharge your batteries, have a unique experience and discover a rich and authentic culture. With Natalia Nijnik, co-owner of the island’s first boutique hotel, … Read more

Stay in Namibia 15 days

South of the African continent, Namibia is a vast region that fascinates travelers with its timeless landscapes, its ubiquitous nature and the customs of its ancestral tribes. A trip to Namibia is a sure change of scenery, an impression of the end of the world! Discover endless places and landscapes, kaleidoscopes of ethnic heritage, languages, … Read more

Our most beautiful report of 2021

Editorial staff selected 10 reports from Tanzania via Sudan, Austria or Georgia Figaro Magazine Who made 2021. Enough to end a reverse year with well-inspired … A secret journey to Tanzania in the footsteps of wildlife From Serengeti to Ruaha National Park, journalist Vincent Noyux and photographer Stanislas Foutre went out in December. Le Figaro … Read more

Where to go in March? Best travel destination

For these off-seasons, mercury increases in the Mediterranean basin, Asia and the Caribbean. Autumn is coming to the southern hemisphere where many destinations are mainly sunny. Officially with the arrival of spring, temperatures are still cool in a large part of Europe, where the weather changes between humming and sunlight. The southern and Mediterranean basins … Read more