Space Metavers Unleashing, Star Chain AXII brings new changes

Recently, AXII Star Chain launched a service-based BaaS management system and updated key algorithms to improve the gamefye ecosystem. Nowadays, Metaverse, NFT and GAMEFI have become popular topics, with huge trading space. The technology game industry has focused on how to capture relative industry ventures. The low technical skills that usually existed in this industrial … Read more

The future of Telnet will be bright

According to Mohammad Frekha, the future of Telnet is bright. The holding company’s dreams and ambitions are huge and its projects are even bigger: space and nano-satellites, drones, electric cars, artificial intelligence and robotics. All future high-tech activities that the company develops or seeks to develop are aimed at driving the group into a larger … Read more

And in the meantime, India is testing an engine for a manned spacecraft

You too will be interested With European politicians hesitant to fund an autonomous manned flight program, India is set to become the fourth space power capable of sending people into space. A fine technological performance for a state that does not have the same financial strength as Europe, which lags behind in some key technical … Read more

Satellites are essential to Canada’s Arctic surveillance strategy

The Canadian government is strengthening its defense and surveillance capabilities in the Arctic, emphasizing the use of space resources and new technologies. Anita Anand, Canada’s defense minister, said the federal government’s 2022 budget, released on April 7, contained C $ 252 million ($ 199 million) to begin research on the modernization of Canada-US cooperation. Arctic … Read more

Space Innovation (Part II)

Desvois has unveiled its newly created firm-coupe vertical shaft mulcher. It now has a large housing that surrounds the bevel gear. A system for adjusting rollers via a universal key that is provided allows adjustment without breaking and without effort. Greentec introduces its HXF multicarrier range. This interface is designed to accommodate all Greentec tools, … Read more