Safe space connection: Council accepts negotiation orders

Member states today agreed to order a discussion of a regulation proposal with the European Parliament. Union program for secure connection For the period 2023-2027. The crisis we are going through every day shows that having an efficient, competitive and sovereign space communication infrastructure is essential. Europe is therefore continuing its initiatives to enable the … Read more

Catherine Gross, color in all its glory at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris

At the Louis Vuitton Foundation, the exhibition “La Couleur en fugue” brings together the works of five contemporary artists around the theme of color until August 29. Focus on the art of Katharina Gross, an artist of German descent who is celebrated for her work in vibrant colors that transform space. Can change color space. … Read more

Innovation is the cornerstone of the “Deep Fax” exhibition in Lausanne

“Deep Fax: Art and Its Double” opens the window of a digital culture at the Ecole Polytechnic F ডিdration de Lausanne (EPFL) that is revolutionizing the art world! © ড “Deep Fax: Art and Its Double” questions the ability of digital copies of the universal artistic repertoire to evoke an emotional response in the audience. … Read more

Should we be afraid of meteorites? An expert from Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse answered us

“The old fear of humanity is falling on our heads. But taking an asteroid, yes, is a threat that exists. That fact must be taken into account. ” Experts help us see more clearly. What are we talking about? An asteroid, “it’s a rock that orbits in space”. A meteorite is “an asteroid that measures … Read more

Arlanc Health Center (Puy-de-Dome) opens

In an area of ​​400 m², Arlanc’s health center currently has two doctors, a general practitioner and a digestive and visceral surgeon; A nurse’s office; A midwife; Two physiotherapist masseurs; Two psychologists as well as an osteopath and paramedics. Health professionals from the region, but also from the South, Normandy or Rhne, have come to … Read more

25 reserve members of the Air Force and Space Force trained at the Joze (Pui-de-Dome)

CIIRAA 63’s 25 reserve persons, students of various ranks and professional backgrounds, students, employees, executives, business leaders, met last weekend at a place called Josette Tisoniares, on the shores of Aliar, for an intensive day of military instruction. Part of the IMFR (initial military training for conservatives). Something to worry about is the locals who … Read more

Freebox new method with creating freebox customer space access passwords

Scoop! Free has just set up a new method to create a personal password to activate your Freebox subscriber space as a new customer. From now on, no more passes will be automatically generated or explicitly sent, it is up to you to set it up for the first access following your new Freebox subscription … Read more

A place dedicated to electrical and hydrogen utilities during the Mondial de l’Auto in Paris

Edition of 06/29/2022 Discover portraits of 290 distribution groups in the 2022 directory The 13th edition of the group’s directory has been enriched by 16 new operators with a total of 290 counts, which we present in the form of individual credentials and in the form of a classification (by turnover, by NV volume and … Read more