Geostationary satellites and low-orbital satellites: what’s the difference?

Satellite Internet technology underwent a major evolution with the advent of bidirectional technology in 2008 that greatly improved connectivity. Then, with technological advances, performance continues to increase: connection speeds are accelerating, connections are unlimited, prices are falling and comparable to wired technology (ADSL, fiber). Faster, more efficient, it is now a very high speed connectivity … Read more

Pluto’s chaotic orbits plot

You too will be interested [EN VIDÉO] Extraordinary walk on Pluto Take a flight over Pluto and its satellite charan. Thanks to the historic flybike of the New Horizons Probe in July 2015, astronomers were able to discover the true appearance of this dwarf planet, located on the edge of the solar system, outside Neptune. … Read more

The ice moon has the same characteristics as Greenland in Europe

Among its four largest satellites ThursdayEurope is most likely to have a harbor Extraterrestrial life. A vast ocean of salt water covered with ice that will hold two to three times more water than the earth, The moon Frozen Jovien has a lot of secrets that researchers are trying to unlock. In a study published … Read more

Launch of a SpaceX spacecraft for the ISS

“With the successful installation and lockdown of our latest Mirror Wing, it has completed 50 major installations, completed 178 releases and completed more than 20 years of work,” NASA tweeted. Launched aboard an Ariane 5 rocket in Guyana on 25 December, the James Webb Space Telescope successfully completed its installation in space through its main … Read more

Elon Musk: Is space travel easier than running Twitter?

In August 2013, Jeff Bezos Redemption The Washington Post For $ 250 million. Several years later, Lauren Powell Jobs, Emerson became the director of Collective, its majority shareholder Atlantic More than মিল 100 million. In 2018, it’s the billionaire’s turn Mark BenioffThe founder of Salesforce, his favorite publication, to treat himself to the magazine Time, … Read more

Radio Crypto: DogeCoin travels without internet and airways

For technology! – If there is a basic principle for cryptocurrencies, it is actually freedom. Banks, governments, the Internet alone are still a barrier to independence. According to Dogecoin developer Michi Lumin, Send cryptocurrency without internet Possible! In fact, a transaction DOGE Was transmitted by radio using a protocol called “radio dose”. Dogecoin supporters claim … Read more

An Armchair for the Orchestra – Paris Theater Critics Site থ Theater de la Ville (Espace Cardin) Arthur Parole’s Hour Living Bodies as part of the high time for young producers

Bill, Agenda, Review, Events // Our Living Body by Arthur Parole at the Theater de la Ville (Espace Cardin) in Theater as part of High Point for Young Producers April 26, 2022 | Comments Off Arthur Parole’s Hour Living Body Nina-Floor Hernandez 3 Articles Nicholas Thevent Our living body. Our lives. Our love Our sorrow. … Read more