Law against fathers?

Legally, marriage was invented to hold the father accountable to the child and to protect the woman from uncertainty. The legal form of marriage forced him to take care of the family on the condition of assumption of paternity: the assumed father is responsible for the woman and the child. The evolution of the concept … Read more

Help the Renaissance court: “I never wanted to kill the mother of my children”, the defendant declared

By Laura Gentile Published June 26, ’22 at 6:51 p.m. News Renaissance Check out my news Follow this media Wesley B’s lawyer is Mr. Jean-Guillaume Le Mintier. (Ure Laure Gentil / Actu Rennes) There are fewer people in the courtroom, Tuesday, June 28, 2022The first day of the trial Wesley B.. Renee appeared before this … Read more

Mhaydsé: In the name of roses

To reach this peaceful village 1,500 meters above sea level, it is popular for mountaineering, just take the road towards Baker. Mhaydsé, also known as the more poetic of Nezmet El-Sobeh, can be seen after walking for an hour and a half or about 80 kilometers. “Nezmet El-Sobeh or the Morning Star, the nickname given … Read more

“I want the handball to burn.”

French handball team goalkeeper Amandine Leinwood, 5 June bids farewell to the competition in front of 16,000 supporters. After retiring from high-level sports, he wants to share his experience. The youngest of the siblings, once in his life, Amandine Lenwood came to an end. Otherwise he has a chance to become a champion. A neophyte … Read more

San Antonio, in the front row of the immigrant wave in South America

Dozens of immigrants wait outside a house in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Mostly young, but some women, sometimes with children, are present in the queue. They spent hours after hours seeking refuge from the rain, and even after dusk they hoped for a meal and a roof for the night. Before arriving, they had to … Read more