Marriage and Domestic Violence | Civil liability interferes with family law

In Ontario, a victim of domestic violence has received $ 150,000 in compensation from her ex-husband in a divorce decree. In Quebec, this is seen occasionally, and judges have begun to compensate for harassment or emotional violence, such as in the case of parental separation or the publication of intimate pictures on the Internet seeking … Read more

Gisele Halimi, a voice

France Inter has dedicated a special evening to a lawyer and feminist activist who has been a spokesperson for women all her life. Opportunity to listen to some shows again. Gisele Halimi © AFP / AFP If Giselle Halimi had been the voice, she would have cried. A cry that urges women not to submit. … Read more

Jubilee case. Delphine’s glasses were broken during a violent episode, experts say

By Laurent Darn Published 26 Apr 22 19:07 Toulouse News Check out my news Follow this media According to experts who examined them, Delphine Jubilee’s glasses were broken during a violent episode. (Facebook) It’s one Explosion In this file so far without a proven crime scene and without a corpse. LawExpert Mandatory to review Nurse … Read more

Who do feminists vote for?

Marine Le Pen, Emanuel Macron, white vote or abstain? The Feminist Association, elected officials, ministers or former ministers for gender equality and field workers have decided to give a voice while waiting for this Sunday, April 24, 2022. In terms of the positions taken by each other, there is little room for their choice for … Read more

Top 10 Biggest Boomer Movies, for Real Responses

How to define a big boomer movie? It is often a subtle mix of racist clich ,s, clumsy humor, ideological old values ​​and clash of cultures. With all these reactionary characters who understand that in life you have to be tolerant. Holy ceremony. It’s not what you want. Boomer movies, however, have plenty of them, … Read more