Cyclothemia, “it’s an additional disease” (Latitia Payne, mother of a bipolar child)

(ETX Daily Up) – How to raise a bipolar child? In her book, My Child Cyclone, Latitia Payne describes her experience as a mother whose young son suffers from cyclothymia. This disorder is characterized by sudden changes in mood, it is still misdiagnosed by health professionals, especially in children. On the occasion of World Bipolar … Read more

Satellite to track methane

A satellite image on the screen. Landscapes are rarely recognized in ocher tones. Cairo engineer Antoine Benoit deciphered the image: We are in the middle of Russia in 2019. And there’s one “Exception”. Large yellow pixels make a path across a few tens of kilometers. The first assumption is that it will be a huge … Read more

Treatment artificial intelligence? All right. – Health (differently)

Artificial intelligence is all the rage of medicine. Will this technology allow patients to take better care? It’s not a crime for techno-prophets, my stethoscope won’t work anymore. What is artificial intelligence? Wikipedia tells us that artificial intelligence (AI) “A set of applied theories and techniques for building a machine capable of mimicking intelligence”. So … Read more

Fighting in Ukraine: Children’s hospital in Cherniguiv after a month-long blockade

The young patients took refuge here when the Russian bombing started raining in the city on 24 February. Sick or injured children are treated here at Mycolive Children’s Hospital. Photo Bulletin Click / AFP – AFP Published: April 6, 2022 at 09:02 Reading time: 3 minutes In the cold, damp basement of a children’s hospital … Read more

Light pollution from satellites threatens our night sky vision and astronomical observation

This pollution is of great concern to astronomers. It also threatens the observation of the night sky for scientific purposes, especially the observation of killer asteroids, which could threaten the survival of our species. Aside from the surprises that come from observing it, the night sky is a mine of valuable information for astronomers. And … Read more

The bride wore a romantic Monique Lulia dress to her wedding in the Pacific Ocean

Morgan Selzer And Matt Bagnard They started dating when they were both studying at the University of Southern California. The young woman then moved to New York to continue her education at the Parsons School of Design, and the couple decided to take a break. A few years later, she returned to Los Angeles to … Read more

How to evaluate artificial intelligence in medicine?

These are not medicines but their role in medicine is very important. Hearing aids, prostheses, pacemakers, pregnancy tests, infusion pumps: all part of a medical device, a health product that works mechanically. Like many other fields, here too, artificial intelligence has enabled new advances, so many new medical devices work for an algorithm. Radiology software … Read more

The Sapeurs-Lipopette Association, which makes the dreams of sick or hospitalized children at Clocheville Hospital in Tours a reality, needs your help.

Volunteer firefighters from the association will still be able to hold a Christmas show at the Clocheville Pediatric Hospital in Tours, bringing back the smiles of hospitalized children. Despite a lack of funding for two years due to Kovid. To bring smiles and comfort to hospitalized children, you need Sapeurs-Lipopette volunteers. The last day to … Read more