Visitation Monastery, Carmel and Espace Bernadette-Subiras: Take a Spiritual Break at Nevers

“Take a time of rest, reflection and prayer with St. Bernadette”, “A few days of silence and prayer to ‘take stock’ or ‘take stock’, to better cope with the ‘difficult daily life’ of the world” , Monastery of the Visitation: It takes place in Nevers. Without going as far as total isolation in a convent … Read more

At the start of the school year, pCloud is back with an offer at -80% off

If you’re running out of space on your device, now’s the time to invest in an online storage subscription. In fact, a cloud service guarantees secure storage by allowing you to access it from all your electronic devices. And if there’s one player that stands out, it’s PiCloud. Unlike online storage giants like Google Drive … Read more

Space: Why does NASA shoot lasers at trees from the International Space Station?

an hour ago Alejandra Martins BBC News World Image copyright, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center Image caption, GEDI sends pulses of energy to Earth’s surface 242 times per second. Right now, a shower of laser pulses from the International Space Station is reaching Earth. And it aims to reveal the secrets underlying the planet’s forests. … Read more

The Flawless James Webb Space Telescope: What Lessons Can We Learn From It?

JWST released its first images on July 12: they are breathtaking, others will follow, the harvest of scientific discoveries in cosmology and astronomy awaits us. And yet, this mission proved over time to be an almost unwise technical and technological gamble: we have great lessons to learn from this great success! In September 2021, I … Read more

Co-working space Large employers are tempted

Marketing communications agency Cosset has moved from its larger office to 17e Montreal building floor co-working space (colleague) not far away, a few months ago, struck the imagination. Will other suburban businesses follow suit as managers question their work models since the pandemic began? Posted at 5:00 am. Isabel Massey Press Co-working space isn’t just … Read more

Sahel Terrorism: A Space of Great Disorder Posted on August 12, 2022. Published in Society.

The Sahel is a region that has become unable to meet the food and water needs of a population that is experiencing desertification due to climate instability and natural instability. Although this geographical combination is not a poor region as it is rich in natural resources which some analysts also consider to be undervalued to … Read more