The future of Telnet will be bright

According to Mohammad Frekha, the future of Telnet is bright. The holding company’s dreams and ambitions are huge and its projects are even bigger: space and nano-satellites, drones, electric cars, artificial intelligence and robotics. All future high-tech activities that the company develops or seeks to develop are aimed at driving the group into a larger … Read more

5G for a more sustainable future

Receiving notifications about available parking spaces or air quality warnings is equipment that already exists. However, the full deployment of 5G will enable such service providers to increase tenfold in the cities of tomorrow. According to an Ericsson survey, by 2024, 5G will cover 25% of mobile traffic or 40% of the world’s population. Vincent … Read more

Afghanistan. Taliban leader promises more women’s rights, but says ‘naughty women’ should stay home – Reuters

Sirajuddin Haqqani, Afghanistan’s acting interior minister and deputy head of the Taliban since 2016, made the remarks in his first exclusive face-to-face interview with CNN’s Christian Amanpur in Kabul. In March, after numerous promises that girls could be admitted to high school, the Taliban reversed their decision, suspending their return indefinitely. When asked about Afghan … Read more

Trade finance back in office back in France Thanks to AI?

In fact, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology makes this organizational model less profitable, and some market players are already planning to relocate their trade finance back-office operations to France. Banks, since the 2000s, have shifted their trade finance back-office operations to CSP. Most international banking institutions use CSPs to process their back-office operations, … Read more

Social protection helps reduce child labor

GENEVA (ILO News) – Social security reduces poverty and family vulnerability, thus limiting the main causes of child labor, according to a new joint report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the organization International Labor Organization (ILO). The role of social security in eliminating child labor: Evidence review and policy implicationsPresents the results … Read more

L’Usinerie unveils its range of services for businesses and unveils the rehabilitated Moulin de la Sucrei Blanc –

L’Usinerie: a multi-skilled center dedicated to the digital transformation of regional industrial companies. Powered by the Grand Challan, l’Usinerie is a completely renovated Moulin de l’ancien Sucrerie Blanche, a team and organization from the Chitra Institute of Arts and Crafts Paris Tech, the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Cnam) Borgogne. Franche-Comté, and Usinerie Partners, … Read more

National Education Representative honored by the Academic Director

A ceremony to honor representatives of the Department of National Education was held this Wednesday, May 18 at the Agen’s academic visit in the presence of Lot-at-Garon Patrice Lemoin’s academic director and inspectors. These representatives are appointed by the D for four yearsAcademic Director of the National Education Services. For more than a century, they … Read more

The path of common artificial intelligence

Another month, another artificial intelligence boom. This time around, Google’s Deepmind has published a blog about a multimedia artificial intelligence system that is capable of performing a variety of tasks, such as playing a video game, moving a robotic arm to block blocks, drawing images or acting as a chatbot. In fact, Agent Gato is … Read more

Paranoia: Can my child be paranoid?

What is paranoia? Paranoia It is a psychiatric pathology and is found only in adults. This is a frequent symptom in people with dementia, for example suffering from schizophrenia or due to its abuse. Psychological substance. It is characterized by lasting suspicion as far as the illusion created by persecution or conspiracy. “Paranoid sick people … Read more

Buy artificial intelligence directly in Healthcare Market Report [Édition 2022]- Customize it to your liking.

Artificial intelligence to see the trend of healthcare market research in 2022 With a new business idea every second and an entrepreneur wherever you look, how can you differentiate your business? Market research gives you edge even when you are already convinced that you have the perfect product – an essential step to success in … Read more