Espace Presse – How to limit climate change?

This article is an excerpt from an exchange called “Science itself! », organized by CEA and CENTQUATRE-PARIS. Man’s face to the forces of nature Laurent Gaude : In my fictional universe, nature sometimes speaks violently and suddenly, as in novels the hurricane, when Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. I describe two dimensions that meet, … Read more

Europe is looking to SpaceX to fill the gap caused by Russian launch tensions.

European firm Arianespace has emerged as a key candidate to fill a temporary void alongside private US competitors Japan and India, but final decisions depend on the still-unsettled schedule for the delayed European Ariane 6 rocket. “I would say there are two and a half options that we’re discussing. One is SpaceX, that’s clear. The … Read more

AUDE Bram: 100 amazing photographs to see at the Espace des Essaires[t]Until September 25

essential Bram, Essar Arts and Culture Space[t]s brings culture alive in rural areas as well as in a big city. Very close to Carcassonne, on the Lauragais plain, “Le Journal d’un siècle” presents 100 photographs by Jacques Henri Lartigue, a wonderful exhibition. He was the author of the official photograph of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, President … Read more

They made the news. Astrophysicist Pierre Guillard describes the “incredible adventure” of the James Webb Telescope, a “childhood dream”

December 25, 2021, is a rather special Christmas for Pierre Guillard. In his living room in the Paris region, the astrophysicist attended the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope from the Guyana Space Center in Kourou with his family. He is part of the international team that designed the revolutionary infrared telescope, which aims … Read more

“No”, by Jordan Peele, is a fascinating blockbuster half extraterrestrial sci-fi half Californian safari.

A black man, his white horse ghost, confronts the vastness of the California desert. Apart from the overly modern lighting and music pollution of a small house in the background, the decor will (almost) still bear the imprint of Eastwood cowboy boots. But good Otis Jr. (O.J., played by Daniel Kaluuya) isn’t brutal or ugly. … Read more