Surrounded by children and his wife, Emmanuel Macron sets up his new intimate watchman

By Lea Mabilon Published 5 hours ago, Update 4 hours ago Emmanuel Macron marches to Champ-de-Mars during his victory (Paris, April 24, 2022). Abaka The president took back Elysey’s key. To express himself after his victory, he chose the Champ-de-Mars, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. A place towards which he has advanced on … Read more

Jumanji: Review video games

Although a new film from the franchise is expected for December 4, Outright Games Edited Jumanji: Video gamesAdvanced by Fun solution. Adapted from the movie released in 2017, Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle, The game was released on November 8 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. So true hope or false hope? … Read more

Comic Chronicle: Crusaders # 04

The opening scene of the series … Humanity, involved in our solar system and other civilizations outside of it, must take part in countering the terribly destructive threat coming from an unknown extraterrestrial race! Titan’s human colony plans to build imaginary spacecraft and coordinates of distant galaxies. Several months later, Crusader 1 led an armor … Read more

Society: These trainers and influential people who destroy our morals and lead girls to prostitution and celibacy. Stop

The greatest advice a girl can get for a successful life is only from her parents, family or those who brought her up and educated her. For some time there has been an incident on social networks where so-called coaches say that they are advising African girls / women to dominate their couple / home … Read more

The virus responsible for hepatitis in children?

Adenovirus infections are usually mild, but can cause symptoms such as cough, fever, ear infections, conjunctivitis or gastroenteritis, hepatitis. How is the transmission done? What treatment? Answer from Dr. Fabian Cochart, Pediatrician. Summary Infects adenovirus Especially young children. They mainly cause infections GentlemanWith some The peak In the epidemic Winter and spring. In immunocompromised individuals, … Read more

Rudolf Granier – Serve and decide

The LR candidate for the legislative election at the 18th Amendment in Paris described his route, from Isoar to Montmorency and from Lones-le-Saunier to Paris, via Bamako. All this with amazing simplicity. No pretense with Rudolf Grenier, but because of his profession, a disarmament openness to explain the fate and misfortune of a career already … Read more

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have come up with a new method for predicting heart attacks due to cardiac arrhythmias.

The use of artificial intelligence in the field of health is numerous, focusing on the prevention of heart attack, especially in many studies. A team from Johns Hopkins University has proposed a new approach Acquiring deep knowledge Which combines neural networks and survival analysis to predict a person’s chances of having a heart attack due … Read more

Alessandra Sublet Unknown: She shared a video of herself as a child in the middle of a classical dance class.

This Monday, April 25, Alessandra Sublet shared a video of her when she was eleven years old and studying sports. If she’s changed a lot since then, this little girl has taught her an important thing … Before the TV host, Alessandra Sublet was destined for a completely different profession. If she dreamed of being … Read more