“I am afraid of the future and what I am going to do for my children”, Muslim Normans hold their breath for two rounds

In the first round of the presidential election, 7 out of 10 Muslims voted for Jean-Luc Melenchon, according to an IFP poll for La Croix magazine. Although the final two candidates are facing the extreme right, many are calling for a ban as they do not agree. Despite a ban on wearing the burqa in … Read more

Marseille, a child-friendly city

School and children are one of the main priorities of the municipal team. Little Marseilles and Little Marseilles are the citizens of tomorrow and the municipality wants to offer them Access to education in the argument of equal rights.This goes through An original school building improvement and renovation plan With Schools that are greener, more … Read more

GitLab Free GitLab SaaS accounts will be limited to 5 users per namespace effective June 22, 2022

GitLab is a company that provides a DevOps platform that helps develop, secure and manage software on a single platform. The platform enables collaboration between different parties (developer, operations, security, business team) to achieve business results. The ultimate goal of DevOps is to enable teams to collaborate and work together to move from fast to … Read more

Covid-19: Vaccination for 5-11 year olds

Your child is between the ages of 5 and 11: He can now be vaccinated against Covid-19 On November 25, 2021, the European Medicines Agency issued European marketing approvals for the pediatric form of the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine. The Haute Authorité de santé (HAS), an independent French scientific authority, in its opinion of 20 December, 2021, … Read more

M8 Smart Monitor – Samsung Global Newsroom – Add color splash to your home workplace with Reuters

The era of dull, lifeless desks with black curtains and ugly wires is officially over. Since people spend more time at home, they are more interested in personalizing their home office. To provide users with a range of customization options tailored to any lifestyle, Samsung Electronics has added four new colors to the Smart Monitor … Read more

His wife “expects nothing more” from the Turkish judiciary.

Osman Kavala is due to appear in Turkish court on Friday, his wife, Ayes Bugra, France 24 has received. He returned to charges against the “red billionaire”, a figure in Turkish society, and has been imprisoned without trial since October 2017, facing a life sentence for “attempting to overthrow the government”. His speeches have become … Read more

Help children in distress, their families and young people

Context The Foundation de France’s childhood program encourages activities that promote greater consideration for children and young people by society and their family circle. It works to improve parental space and to respond appropriately to the underlying basic needs of each child’s development. It seeks to combat inequality, which can affect children from disadvantaged backgrounds … Read more