At Massey, we work on sick hearts for artificial intelligence

“It fascinates me,” admits Jerome Harvillier, a cardiologist at the Paris Sud Cardiovascular Institute (ICPS), at the Jack Cartier private hospital in Macy’s. Under the mask, cap, and small round spectacles, we see in his smiling eyes that even after twenty years of operation on cardiac arrhythmia, he has not finished being enthusiastic about the … Read more

Sète: Children with disabilities, long struggle for family

The wait can be longer than the moment of diagnosis and childcare. A situation that has significant consequences for both the family and the child. When we talk about children with disabilities, it can range from speech and behavioral disorders to intellectual disabilities. A huge field of possibilities, which complicates the diagnosis. “In the end, … Read more

These three French Muslims have left the country, they tell us why

Religion – “I couldn’t sleep anymore, my husband saw me go slowly, I was even afraid of being physically assaulted in front of the kids”, Melina recalls. Like other French Muslims, he chose to settle abroad with his family. On the eve of the second round of the presidential election, which was opposed by Emanuel … Read more

In space, a new window opens into the universe

As part of our partnership with the Academy of Sciences, educators analyze and highlight the major challenges of the contemporary world through scientific questions that make news. Francois Combs Astrophysicist The James-Web Space Telescope, launched by Ariane to reach its operational site 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, is opening up American and European space agencies … Read more

Saving lives with artificial intelligence

A new technology invented at Tel Aviv University will use artificial intelligence to identify patients at risk of serious illness due to blood transfusions. The researchers trained the AI ​​program to study the electronic medical records of about 8,000 patients at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv who tested positive for blood transfusions. The results of … Read more