Python Space, or the most dangerously stupid rocket test of the year

Not even counting Rocket scientists With completely amateur but insane projects, dozens of small structures and start-ups arriving in the space industry, with very serious or more bizarre goals, good news for our dream of star travel and our knowledge of the universe. For security protocols surrounding the introduction of their experimental machines, on the … Read more

“Never before in history has there been such acceleration” … Is space turning into a trash can?

Can we really fear that the sky will fall on our heads or, more precisely, a titanium object from a rocket will fall on us? “All the debris and objects in space are like adding a few liters to the Mediterranean.” The analogy chosen by ISAE-Supaero’s space system design teacher-researcher, Stephanie Lizzie-Destrez, to help us … Read more

Health – My Health Location: You choose which health professionals can access your data

Credit: © Before activating ” My health place A, The new interactive digital health record available at, you may be wondering about the protection of physician privacy, the level of privacy of data stored there and whether other people can access it. You have complete control over access to your documents, allowing health … Read more

NASA is preparing for revolution

You too will be interested [EN VIDÉO] Blue Origin Record: 107km acquired by New Shepard Climb the New Shepard capsule, which has completed another successful test flight. The machine, powered more than 100 kilometers from the ground, has reached space. Its passengers, if any, could admire the blackness of the sky and the roundness of … Read more

Space: Behind the historic Cnes strike, the challenges of the “new space”

Essential Last Thursday, about 600 agents from the National Center for Space Studies (Cnes) in Toulouse went on strike to protest against the new agreement of intent and performance signed with the state, which, according to unions, favors individual actors. Backwards, the turning point of the “new place” is where Europe lags behind. It is … Read more