Visitation Monastery, Carmel and Espace Bernadette-Subiras: Take a Spiritual Break at Nevers

“Take a time of rest, reflection and prayer with St. Bernadette”, “A few days of silence and prayer to ‘take stock’ or ‘take stock’, to better cope with the ‘difficult daily life’ of the world” , Monastery of the Visitation: It takes place in Nevers. Without going as far as total isolation in a convent … Read more

Jules-Ferry school parent, Nevers, worried: “School is drying up”

The school year is drawing to a close, but the situation remains the same at Jules-Ferry School, 53, Rui Commandant-Paul-Pierre-Clark, in the district of Montgomery, Nevers. Parental representative Marie-Lou Krieger, who has one child in kindergarten, lamented the state of the establishment: “The school is literally drying up. For three years, we have been condemning … Read more

Emily Thevenet-Kaiser, UNSA’s National Representative in Nevers: “AESH’s work is not interesting at all.”

Emily Thevenet-Kaiser, UNSA National Representative for Inclusive Schools Specialized and Accompanied Staff was in Nevers on Tuesday, May 10, to train and inform AESH (Assistant to Students with Disabilities) about their rights. He looks back at the current situation of these national education workers. Why did you come to Nivre?We try to help AESH because … Read more

What an artificial intelligence in the service of each of us

There are many uses for artificial intelligence. This intelligence significantly takes the form of virtual characters, hostesses and hosts. They are bigger than life and their programming means they can even show empathy and cooperation in interactions with the user. This artificial intelligence can be seen very quickly on the Internet, for example. All you … Read more

Wild Child, a creation of Cedric Oren, to discover, on Thursday, May 5, on the stage of La Mason in Nevers

At the time of writing this show, writer and director Cedric Orine “wanted to focus on the extraordinary reality of these children?” We don’t know how they survived. “These children, with extraordinary destiny, are Victor de l’Averon and Caspar Hauser, two wild children who lived in the forest in the 19th century.” . How did … Read more