Five exceptional African lodges where you can learn the art of bush living

election – From Namibia to Tanzania, Botswana to South Africa, these African lodges reinvent the art of bush living in their own style. Sip a cocktail at sunset, in front of a log fire in the silence of the bush. Waking up to the sun and wild vastness before you. Living in the heart of … Read more

Four safaris with a little extra spirit

Wildlife is far from the only reason to go on safari in Africa. Safari means “journey” in Swahili. However, he is often caught up in the collective imagination in search of wildlife encounters. But this wild Africa undoubtedly stands shoulder to shoulder with another world rich in history and culture. Here are some reasons to … Read more

The magic of a safari in Tanzania (4) in Engorongoro Crater

View of the Nogorongoro hole from the edge of the Caldera (PB) When the traveler leaves behind a dry serengeti (read previous post), a first surprise awaits him at the end of his arrival at the edge of the vast circular Caldera – 22 km in diameter – Engorongororo, a volcano once higher than Kilimanjaro … Read more

In Tanzania, Masai condemns the conversion of their land into a place reserved for tourists

Published: 06/16/2022 – 18:05Modified: 06/24/2022 – 18:03 Thousands of Masai living in Loliondo, northern Tanzania, had to flee their homes after clashes with police on June 10, as the government sought to turn their land into a nature reserve for luxury tourism. In the past, there have been clashes between the government and the Masai … Read more

Stop abusing girls

This is a day when organizations reflect on effective ways to improve the quality of life of African children and enable them to reach their full potential. June 16, 1976: A memorable event There has not always been a special day to celebrate children in Africa, the source of which goes back to a dark … Read more

The magic of a safari in Tanzania (2) in the wave park

Lake Maniara National Park was just one type of introduction (see previous post), interesting for those who discovered Africa’s great reserves for the first time, but a little disappointing for others. Our best safari, always with Swedes, our Terrace d’Aventure driver-guide, begins the next day with the discovery of Tarangir National Park (2600 km2) in … Read more

It is possible to travel freely in Africa! Five live in complete freedom

Originally, free travel to Africa was the preserve of some adventurous backpackers. Today, it is possible to go through the tour operator individually without any risk. There are five without bonds! Basically, it was impossible to go to Africa, Asia or Latin America without joining a group. Only a few adventurous backpackers attempted the adventurous … Read more

Baurita: Atlantic Africa, a geo-strategic location based on a common identity

Nigeria’s Foreign Minister Geoffrey Oniyama spoke at a joint news conference with Cape Verde’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Regional Integration Rui Alberto de Figueroa Suarez and Foreign Minister for Cooperation Francofoni. Regional Integration and Gabonese Abroad, Michael Musa-Adamo, crowned by Rabat’s announcement at the end of the 1st Ministerial Meeting of the Atlantic … Read more

Accommodation on an African safari near Nantes

VIDEO – South of Nantes, a zoo covering 85 hectares and home to more than 1,100 animals of 120 species, will open ten family wooden houses with a roof in late June to early July. Stiltus for a submerged, “reminiscent of a large reserve in Africa”. You dream of a safari in the African savannah … Read more

Girls’ education, a long-term priority project

Published: 05/11/2022 – 22:19 Despite the high rate of economic growth, more than 41% of Niger’s population still lives in a state of extreme poverty. A situation due to the population explosion in the country, according to the government, which has set up a population office with the aim of reducing the number of births. … Read more