Accommodation on an African safari near Nantes

VIDEO – South of Nantes, a zoo covering 85 hectares and home to more than 1,100 animals of 120 species, will open ten family wooden houses with a roof in late June to early July. Stiltus for a submerged, “reminiscent of a large reserve in Africa”. You dream of a safari in the African savannah … Read more

Girls’ education, a long-term priority project

Published: 05/11/2022 – 22:19 Despite the high rate of economic growth, more than 41% of Niger’s population still lives in a state of extreme poverty. A situation due to the population explosion in the country, according to the government, which has set up a population office with the aim of reducing the number of births. … Read more

The magic of a safari in Tanzania (1) at Lake Maniara Park

Overview of Maniara National Park (PB) However, those who choose, for example, the circuit of parks in northern Tanzania, are sure to see their amazement growing. The adventure begins 120 km and so a three hour drive north of Arusha (where we land at Kilimanjaro Airport), with the discovery of Lake Maniara National Park, home … Read more

The magic of a safari in Tanzania (3) in the vast plains of Serengeti

(PB) In early July, the vast expanse of grass in Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania turned pale yellow. From time to time, a few secluded acacias block the horizon. But, horizon, where exactly? It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. The feeling of space and freedom is complete. Also, what does … Read more

Six parks and reserves are a must see

It’s season! As large as France and with a population of 53 million people, Kenya is a safari country of equal excellence. The most beautiful national park to discover. Kenya safari country equal excellence. That is the origin of modern safari. The story begins in the 1910s and is the first hunting expedition organized by … Read more

Which safari is right for you?

Going to Africa to meet the big animals is one of those “bucket list” trips that everyone dreams of doing at least once. But you still need to know where to go. Rather gambler or tight budget? With couple or children? Every wish, its safari. Safari is one of those travel experiences that you must … Read more