Why we might have digital twins in the years ahead

Meta (Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing his hologram incarnation of Metavers, a world created by Meta. Atlantico: With the development of new technologies and meta (Facebook) projects, tomorrow’s virtual universes could make it possible to have a digital twin. What makes this technology today, its business operation? How does it work? What is it … Read more

The European Parliament gives more power to Europol

Europol is preparing to collect large amounts of data on European citizens after MEPs voted to expand its police powers. The European Parliament has voted to expand the role of Europol, legalize the processing of big data containing personal information, including no suspicion of crime, and approve research on predictive policing technology. The MPs voted … Read more

General AI Gato has a power that no human can match

You too will be interested [EN VIDÉO] How do you define the relevance of artificial intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (AI), increasingly present in our world, allows machines to mimic a form of real intelligence. But how is it defined? LawArtificial intelligence Fort, also known as Generalized Artificial Intelligence (AGI), is a sacred grill for AI researchers. … Read more

Artificial intelligence to recover drugs against Covid-19

Members of the nursing staff with a patient in an intensive care unit dedicated to Covid-19 in Los Angeles. Artificial intelligence and algorithms provide innovative solutions to help patients. 3Mario Tama / Getty Images Getty Images via North America / AFP SOS algorithm Over the past year, certain software programs have made it possible to … Read more

When AI is in the service of rare disease pre-diagnosis

You too will be interested [EN VIDÉO] Digital avatars are ready to revolutionize medicine. Worthy of a science fiction scene, the goal of virtual modeling of the human body is to provide better care in the real world and to create the medicine of the future! AI for pre-diagnosis of rare diseases Aimed at general … Read more