San Antonio, in the front row of the immigrant wave in South America

Dozens of immigrants wait outside a house in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Mostly young, but some women, sometimes with children, are present in the queue. They spent hours after hours seeking refuge from the rain, and even after dusk they hoped for a meal and a roof for the night. Before arriving, they had to … Read more

A fair education, driven by his ambitions according to his parents

Elon Musk dominates the news regularly, but despite intense media coverage of the world’s richest man, the beginnings of technology entrepreneurs in racist South Africa remain unclear. Amid controversy over his possible takeover on Twitter, his father, Errol Musk, told AFP that he had raised his sons in a tough way, like “good South African … Read more

A teacher killed in a massacre in the U.S. city of Uvalade has been buried

Still suffering from the tragedy that struck one of his elementary schools, the small town of Uvalade, Texas, hosted a ceremony Wednesday to pay tribute to one of the two teachers who fell with 19 of their students under gunfire. Police are still hotly debated. Irma Garcia, a 48-year-old teacher and mother of four, died … Read more

Living death, impossible social media challenge

Less than two minutes. It took time for the Twitch platform to interrupt the live broadcast of the Buffalo shooting on Saturday, which did not prevent the extracts from being broadcast. Despite advances in technology, preventing live broadcasts of violent images is still a challenge, especially since the legal framework is almost non-existent. “If (platforms) … Read more

Education is a new political battleground in the United States

For John Baker, this Tuesday, May 3 is a little special. John is 74 years old, 74 years at full speed. He arrived in Asia in the mid-1960’s, enlisted in the Navy in the midst of Vietnam’s waterlogging. Since then, he has done so much that it is difficult for him to keep track of … Read more

Mexico’s president remains in power after a short referendum

Published: 04/11/2022 – 09:16 At least 90% of Mexicans who took part in Sunday’s referendum on the removal of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador are in favor of keeping him in office. However, the participation rate did not exceed the 20% mark. Bets won against the backdrop of abstinence: Mexico’s president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, … Read more