Metaverse, Swarm, Smart Dust, Neuro Symbolic AI.

In a trend book, CEA researchers combine key technological trends that could have profound effects on society and the economy. These groundbreaking technologies were shared at DIMS 2022. How can the emergence of disruptive technology be identified and predicted? Especially thanks for collecting weak signals. For Timothy Sylvester, head of technical foresight, social trends and … Read more

General AI Gato has a power that no human can match

You too will be interested [EN VIDÉO] How do you define the relevance of artificial intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (AI), increasingly present in our world, allows machines to mimic a form of real intelligence. But how is it defined? LawArtificial intelligence Fort, also known as Generalized Artificial Intelligence (AGI), is a sacred grill for AI researchers. … Read more

Exploring the civilian-military divide on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to be a key factor in maintaining the military dominance of the US military. The United States Department of Defense (DoD) is involved with large private-sector high-tech companies, for which the military represents a relatively small percentage of their customer base, providing sophisticated AI capabilities and a valuable way for AI … Read more

Artificial intelligence, the new frontier of creation?

On May 11, 1997, France was not yet a world football champion but marked a more decisive match history, declaring an uprising for our civilization. I remember, the news was everywhere. Chess champion Gary Kasparov, the best man in the discipline, lost in the sixth game of a historic match against the Deep Blue, a … Read more

Yesterday’s mine through today’s technological telescope

According to Michelle Zebrak, mining exploration for technological advancement has now become a surgical procedure. (Photo: 123RF) Mining. In Lamaque, Odyssey, Horne 5: Abitibi-Témiscamingue, the mines of the future are also of the past. New technologies, including artificial intelligence and automation, provide a new perspective on the exploitation of historical deposits. “Some will tell you: … Read more

An encyclopedia to revive yesterday’s scent

“When you smell an old book, it smells like vanilla, and there’s hints of chocolate and caramel… in fact, it smells almost like ice cream! A Her face came alive when doctoral student Victoria-Ann Mitchell described the sweet-smelling perfume in St. Paul’s Cathedral’s 18th-century library in London. “The simple fact of being able to smell … Read more

A computer lost to Kasparov, the 13th world chess champion, 25 years ago

In 1997, Deeper Blue, the second edition of the IBM program, won a match in 6 games (3.5 to 2.5) against the Russian champions. Since artificial intelligence has progressed to such an extent that the complexity of Japanese shogi and the go game has been widely mastered in 2017. In oblivion “. The pawns are … Read more

20 Most Dangerous Artificial Intelligence Threats

Artificial intelligence is a fantastic tool when it comes to health, technology or astrophysics services. But in the wrong hands, it can also be used for criminal purposes or for deception. And the worst is not always where you think. Self-driving car hacking or Drones Military, offensive Phishing Targets, fabricated news or manipulation of financial … Read more

The future of business and our planet is in the hands of AI

AI can be used to automate, monitor, and thus predict the energy needs of factories, which can greatly improve the use of energy-intensive processes. (Photo: 123RF) Guest Blog. According to the Royal Bank of Canada, Canada will have to spend about ট্র 2 trillion (বিল 2,000 billion) by 2050 to reach its goal of carbon … Read more

Should television be allowed to use “deepfake”?

“” Deepfake “is a neutral tool that must be allocated” Thierry ArdisonCreator of “L’Hôtel du temps” “The deepfake (Hyperdeception) is a technology that can be used for parody but also for harmful reasons, like this video where we see Volodymyr Zelensky urging his soldiers to take up arms. With the show “L’Hôtel du temps”, I … Read more