“As the 2024 Olympics approach, we must test biometric recognition in public space.”

Figarovox / Tribune- For Vincent Barthett and Leo Amsalem, a law enforcement experiment with this technology, as recommended by the Senate, would respond to concerns about security and digital sovereignty. Vincent Barthett is a lecturer at Lorraine University and an associate researcher at the Sorbonne Center for Economics. He is its author Making mistakes is … Read more

Makila AI accelerates its growth for artificial intelligence in the field of health

Montreal, June 21, 2022 / CNW Telbec / – Makila AI Delighted with the success of its advanced technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). More than 130 companies have joined it since the recent launch of solutions for the healthcare sector. Thanks to collaborative research projects with academia and research centers such as the Montreal … Read more

Will AIs ever have a conscience?

The The weather 4’s Westworld Upcoming: Dolores, Charlotte and Caleb may surprise us. Will the robot revolution end? We’ll find out its release date, June 26th. Why was the question not asked Awareness ? It revolves around the series each season: from the first episode where each host seems to follow a specific scenario, to … Read more

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the treatment

>> D-MOSS, a dengue epidemic forecasting system >> Accelerate the implementation of electronic medical records Many hospitals are using artificial intelligence in surgery. Photo: Duong Ngoc / VNA / CVN Constantly overloaded, Central Oncology Hospital welcomes thousands of patients every day from across the country. Being a specialized medical institution it takes care of all … Read more

Why we might have digital twins in the years ahead

Meta (Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing his hologram incarnation of Metavers, a world created by Meta. Atlantico: With the development of new technologies and meta (Facebook) projects, tomorrow’s virtual universes could make it possible to have a digital twin. What makes this technology today, its business operation? How does it work? What is it … Read more

American giants face local and packaged AI

Their dominance in the cloud allows large platforms to impose themselves on artificial intelligence. For Antoine Corette, the founder of Alejandro, it was not too late for the European ecosystem to differentiate itself. Antoine Corrett, founder of Alayar Can European companies find their place in the artificial intelligence market against America’s major platforms? AI should … Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Train in Artificial Intelligence

This article was created in partnership with IA.school. The impressive expansion of digital technology has given rise to a number of features, including artificial intelligence (AI). Now associated with many fields, doing AI is basically the same as using computer algorithms to mimic human intelligence. Credit 123rf If you are looking for a career in … Read more

Google engineers claim that artificial intelligence has become ‘conscious’

The statement is controversial to say the least. Blake Lemoin, a Google engineer, wrote an email to his colleagues in early June with an explosive headline: “LaMDA has passion”. LaMDA is a computer program, a conversational agent created by the digital giant. Blake Lemoin is a former veteran, software engineer, pastor of a non-sectarian American … Read more

The “consciousness” of an artificial intelligence is the cause of a scandal in Google

You too will be interested [EN VIDÉO] How do you define the relevance of artificial intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (AI), increasingly present in our world, allows machines to mimic a form of real intelligence. But how is it defined? Blake Lemon. That’s why this scandal happened, so Google has decided to suspend this engineer. His fault? … Read more

When artificial intelligence is used in making medicines

One would think that AI is all the rage now. But the pharmaceutical sector has changed more than cosmetics. (Photo: 123RF) Paris – Can you find a cure for dengue fever using artificial intelligence (AI)? This is not a science fiction, but a project recently launched by a European NGO, a new sign that AI … Read more