How Shift Technology wants to optimize decision making for insurers through information

Can you turn on Shift technology? Shift Technology is a company founded in 2013 by Jeremy Javisch, David Durelman and I in Paris. The company provides the insurance industry with decision-making based on artificial intelligence and data science, including automation and optimization technology. The technology specifically helps insurers detect fraud and find opportunities when making … Read more

Applied Artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge

Credit: CNES The context of the challenge Here’s how challenge “Artificial intelligence applied to space transport” From CNES and for whom!This process facilitates CNES funding access to develop an innovative solution applicable to future space projects, the key to the potential continuity of CNES support in an R&T framework.The Challenge Session will be held on … Read more

“Circular” and Responsible Supply Chain: What is the future of the supply chain?

What do you think will be the priorities of supply chain managers in 2022? The health crisis has pushed the supply chain to the center. With deficits, supply chain stagnation, commodity disruptions or even border closures, the supply chain was at the center of business concerns last year and will continue to be so for … Read more