Review the real Jurassic World on Apple TV +

Welcome … Prehistoric planets Apple TV + labeled new production, a platform that stands for the high quality of its projects (Foundation) So when the bitten apple decides to make a documentary on dinosaurs, we can only rejoice. As the first evidence of the only human presence and quality in the series, we have David … Read more

Disney’s first dinosaur eating Jurassic World

Walt Disney was a pioneer genius. His proof is ambitious again Fantasia Sections of the 1940’s and more Spring pickle Which traces the creation of the world and the age of the dinosaurs. Long before the resurgence of the Don Bluetooth and Steven Spielberg dinosaurs – for children Small dinosaurs and valleys of wonder Or … Read more

Dolmen: The Souls-Like with Dead Space Atmosphere (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One)

Announced during the E3 period in June 2021, Dolmen had an element that changed from the traditional Souls-like: a horror sci-fi (science fiction) environment and not a dark fantasy for most of the titles in this section. This atmosphere of dead space is also a big part of the game. Dolmen Hall is the brainchild … Read more

Death of Jean-Louis Trintigant, portrait of a lonely man

” I do not fight. I be it. In the summer of 2018, actor Jean-Louis Trintigant announced that he was giving up his treatment. “Old and blind” He described himself, let the crab devour him. Since Mary’s death, his darling daughter, August 1, 2003, has been devastated, helpless, weakened by the injuries of his companion. … Read more

“The Good Stars”, Hirokazu Core-Eder’s abandoned child

Lucky stars *** By Hirojaku Kore-eda South Korean film, 2:09 Official Selection – Competition Among them are many lucky stars, with Japanese director Hirojaku Kore-edar leaning on Wu-sung’s lap throughout the new film, whose protagonist is a child. Things started out pretty bad for the baby. On a rainy night in Busan, his mother dropped … Read more

5 Great Brad Pitt Action Roll

An icon from the 80’s, this favorite actor is a genius of various genres and has acted in some famous action movies of a generation. Action as the cinematic genre is the most open and wide, providing a wide variety of different experiences and stories. Action is also a genre directed by major movie stars, … Read more

“Dalva”, the “hopeful” journey of an injured child

Published: 05/21/2022 – 17:44 Presented to the ears as part of Critics’ Week, the Franco-Belgian film “Dalva” tells the story of a young girl who is torn from the clutches of her abusive father and has to re-learn how to live like a child her age. An impressive psychological dive that explores questions of control, … Read more

Bergman Island: Review what love is

There’s the movie, there’s Bergman Although the post-epidemic movie wants (and will) to regain its place as the world’s leading show, Mia Hansen-signed with love Bergman Island Seventh is respect for art and creation. The film begins in Faroe Islands, in the memory of several filmmakers and the great Ingmar Bergman, as the director of … Read more

“Les Passengers de la Nuit”, solitude gathered in Paris in the 1980s

Night Passenger *** By Mikhael Hers French film, 1 hour 51 It begins on the night of May 10, 1981, with a scene of jubilation in the streets of Paris announcing the victory of Franোois Mitterrand, and is the full film of Michael Haras, who for some time has been engrossed in this nostalgia. Just … Read more