The population is tightening their belts in the face of dramatic price increases

At his butcher’s shop in Tehran’s popular district of Molavi, Ali skillfully cuts the carcass of a sheep in front of a dozen customers whose only topic of conversation is inflation. Salt and pepper hair, when he talks about the dramatic increase in prices that are reducing his customers, makes him look gray. “What can … Read more

Two French women and one Swiss won the 2022 Best Inventor Award from the European Patent Office.

Chemist Claude Greason and immunologist Elody Belno were awarded. Two French women, chemist Claude Grisson and immunologist Elodie Belno, as well as Swiss engineer Madiha Derozi, received the 2022 Best Inventor Award from the European Patent Office (EPO) on Tuesday. Also readSafran, French Patent Champion Claude Grison (CNRS) was awarded in the “categoryResearchজন্য For its … Read more

The future of business and our planet is in the hands of AI

AI can be used to automate, monitor, and thus predict the energy needs of factories, which can greatly improve the use of energy-intensive processes. (Photo: 123RF) Guest Blog. According to the Royal Bank of Canada, Canada will have to spend about ট্র 2 trillion (বিল 2,000 billion) by 2050 to reach its goal of carbon … Read more