Artificial intelligence in taxation between myth and reality

Remy Slama, author of this article. Source: Cyber ​​Justice Lab website In the early 2000’s, it was quite clear that technologies using AI would be created not to replace legal professionals, but to enable them to perform their duties at a higher level. Demands for transparency and the fight against tax evasion, and even tax … Read more

Johnny Depp – Amber Hard Trial: What to Remember After Six Weeks of Controversy

This is the case of the year in the United States. It will mark the country as Oz Simpson’s trial took place in his time and has been live in front of the eyes of millions of Americans since the camera was installed in the courtroom, Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Hard. This Friday, May … Read more

On the stand, Amber Hard begs Johnny Depp to stop torturing her

By AFP’s editorial staff Published 2:25 pm on 05/17/2022 Amber Hard and Johnny watch the judges exit the courtroom (Monday, May 16, Fairfax.) Steve Hellbar / Pool / AFP Amber Hardy is testifying in Johnny Depp’s defamation suit. This Monday, May 16, the 36-year-old actress said she was facing emotional abuse, not hesitating to ask … Read more

Technology: First Class Consolidation and Acquisition Advocates

I am Angelo Nose and David Carl. Sources: Blakes website and LinkedIn The epidemic has accelerated the use of technology in various fields and the law is no exception. The judiciary has been forced to enter the 21st century and adapt quickly. In particular, technology has had a significant impact on the practice of integration … Read more

Top 10 people who sue their families for incredible reasons

Even if, for many, a lawyer is considered a sex worker, we rarely want to deal with them in court. And what we want is to face trial against our own family, especially since it’s a bit of a stain after Christmas dinner. However, assaulting your family in court happens every day in the world, … Read more