Two French women and one Swiss won the 2022 Best Inventor Award from the European Patent Office.

Chemist Claude Greason and immunologist Elody Belno were awarded. Two French women, chemist Claude Grisson and immunologist Elodie Belno, as well as Swiss engineer Madiha Derozi, received the 2022 Best Inventor Award from the European Patent Office (EPO) on Tuesday. Also readSafran, French Patent Champion Claude Grison (CNRS) was awarded in the “categoryResearchজন্য For its … Read more

People are tightening their belts in the face of skyrocketing prices

In his butcher’s shop in Tehran’s popular district of Molavi, Ali skillfully cuts the carcass of a sheep in front of a dozen buyers whose only topic of conversation is inflation. “What can I tell you? My sales have almost halved. I’m a butcher and there are a few weeks when I don’t eat meat. … Read more

Serial Crisis: The European Union, this political construction of rock-solid resilience

Published by Guillaume Klossa Télémaque “European Pride Manifesto for Future Civilization”. Survive the whirlwind of history The time of European civilization and the time of European unification are not one. One is many millennia, the other is still counted in decades But, in a kind of acceleration of history, the two lines seem to meet … Read more

Satellite service in civil security services

Damaged residence of the French ambassador to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Credit: ES CNES / LUVISUTTO Eric, 2010 Storm Alex, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Dorian: Actors at work must have the right way to act. At the Garden, the Euro-Mediterranean Risk Simulation Center welcomed more than 70 of them (Divisional Fire and Rescue Service, Gendermass, … Read more