San Antonio, in the front row of the immigrant wave in South America

Dozens of immigrants wait outside a house in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Mostly young, but some women, sometimes with children, are present in the queue. They spent hours after hours seeking refuge from the rain, and even after dusk they hoped for a meal and a roof for the night. Before arriving, they had to … Read more

Death of Jean-Louis Trintigant, portrait of a lonely man

” I do not fight. I be it. In the summer of 2018, actor Jean-Louis Trintigant announced that he was giving up his treatment. “Old and blind” He described himself, let the crab devour him. Since Mary’s death, his darling daughter, August 1, 2003, has been devastated, helpless, weakened by the injuries of his companion. … Read more

We have begun to measure the destruction of human capital in Ukraine by Russia

Schoolgirls study at a school in Marinka, Ukraine, on November 25, 2016. 3Alexei Philipov / AFP Trauma of war Noam Angrist, executive director and co-founder of the NGO Youth Impact, has published a study on the learning disadvantages associated with the Russian invasion for the younger generation in Ukraine. The economic impact could be significant. … Read more

Like humans, chimpanzees mourn the loss of a loved one

These examples of calm mourning differ from other examples previously recorded. In Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, the death of a man who fell from a tree was greeted with an explosion of screams. The other men gave alarm calls and showed aggression and they touched and held each other. They looked at the … Read more