Stay in Kenya 10 days

From Amboseli Park to the beaches of the Indian Ocean, Kenya is full of wonders and fulfills all desires elsewhere! Live running moments of escape into unknown lands, wild lands and fauna that are manifested there in a glorious, captivating way. During a safari, Kenya’s flagship activity, which makes it one of the most visited … Read more

Stay in South Africa 12 days

Want to escape in the middle of nature? At the junction between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, a South Africa Safari The best way to discover African plants and animals is to allow national parks and reserves to continue their conservation work. Professional rangers know all the secrets of the reserve. They ensure … Read more

Stay in Tanzania 14 days

From the red of the track to the intense blue of the Indian Ocean across Savannah, this journey will awaken all your senses. From the roar of lions heard at night from your lodge to the sound of cables in the streets of Stone Town, from the taste of banana beer to the richness of … Read more

Stay in Kenya 10 days

On your 4×4 board, and with a French-speaking guide-driver, you’ll discover Kenya’s hidden treasures: the foothills of Mount Kenya and the Lycopia region of the Samburu people. In the heart of this high plateau live an impressive endemic animal: the gravy’s zebra, the beautiful lattice giraffe, the giraffe-antelope, the dromedary but also all the animals … Read more

Stay in Namibia 15 days

South of the African continent, Namibia is a vast region that fascinates travelers with its timeless landscapes, its ubiquitous nature and the customs of its ancestral tribes. A trip to Namibia is a sure change of scenery, an impression of the end of the world! Discover endless places and landscapes, kaleidoscopes of ethnic heritage, languages, … Read more