Thursday —— Education competition is not less

According to Miguel Ouellette, encouraging competition among schools by adopting an “education voucher” approach, as well as handing over the management of certain public schools to the private sector, will improve the quality of education as well as better cost control. (Photo: 123RF) Guest Blog. This week, the École ensemble movement made headlines in several … Read more

Hydrographic Cooperation and Satellite Interests Vietnam | Science

PARIS, May 6 (VNA) – As part of a working visit to the south of France, Vietnam’s ambassador to France, Din Tuan Thang, visited the Thales Alenia space in Cannes on May 5, specializing in satellite building and assembly. It is one of the foundations of Thales, one of the electronics groups specialized in space, … Read more

“We share a great adventure”

Casa Foundation. The four letters, like many initials, are the first names of Philip Gardent’s children: Cyril, Alexis, Solin, and Antoine. From its name, the family anchoring of the work is established. With his wife Carin and their four children, the former association leader formed their foundation in 2019, hosted by Caritas France. → Explanation. … Read more

How much does a teenager spend on his family each month?

In Luxembourg, young people between the ages of 15 and 18 need 593 euros or even 698 euros per month to live decently with their parents. These are the results of the minimum budget that Statec calculated for the country’s adolescents in 2021. A little less than 700 euros per month. This is the conclusion … Read more

We have begun to measure the destruction of human capital in Ukraine by Russia

Schoolgirls study at a school in Marinka, Ukraine, on November 25, 2016. 3Alexei Philipov / AFP Trauma of war Noam Angrist, executive director and co-founder of the NGO Youth Impact, has published a study on the learning disadvantages associated with the Russian invasion for the younger generation in Ukraine. The economic impact could be significant. … Read more

Grants, child care … what costs to declare?

For people living in France for tax purposes, many provisions allow you to benefit from a tax credit or reduction. Tax reduction gives the taxpayer the possibility to reduce the amount of money paid. The tax credit gives you the right to get back a portion of the money paid, whether you are taxable or … Read more

Satellite to track methane

A satellite image on the screen. Landscapes are rarely recognized in ocher tones. Cairo engineer Antoine Benoit deciphered the image: We are in the middle of Russia in 2019. And there’s one “Exception”. Large yellow pixels make a path across a few tens of kilometers. The first assumption is that it will be a huge … Read more

A health crisis is threatening Sri Lanka, medicine is running out

This is the third pharmacy in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, where Dawood Mohammad Ghani visits in vain, his wife, suffering from cancer, desperate to find the medicine she needs. “This is the first time I’ve been able to find a cure for breast cancer,” said the 63-year-old, who is seeking treatment for breast … Read more

Article 49 – Written by Naeem Kamal

Looks like feminists (generics that don’t just include women) are doing it again! Maudawana, Morocco’s Family Status Code, drafted in 1958, revised in 1993 and severely revised in 2004, will no longer work between two of its 20 wires.M Candles Those who are old enough to remember that rift when crossing Moroccan society on the … Read more