Luxembourg’s “Space Campus” is ready to take off

The government is accelerating the space sector by building a “Space Campus” that will bring together all private and public players at two sites in Kokelscheuer and Belvale. He announced it a few months ago, here he is on the launch pad: a large space campus will soon be built in Luxembourg, with the ambition … Read more

Don’t panic if your kids refuse extracurricular activities: big research shows they don’t improve cognitive and academic skills

Elementary school students, ages six to eleven, compete in a chess tournament 3Pascal Pochard Kasabianka / AFP Despite the other advantages Atlantico: Although extracurricular activities are generally credited with many virtues for the good development of children, studies confirm that regular practice of chess, a musical instrument, a foreign language or sport will not improve … Read more

France publishes statistics from immigration

A Portrait of Diversity France: A huge study sheds light on the family, educational and professional trajectories of three generations of immigrants, destroying specific perceptions in a country where one-third of the population under the age of 60 is outside France. The National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INC) and the National Institute for … Read more

Top 10 free educational sites for kids

To complete teaching and learning concepts in the classroom, parents must offer fun and educational activities to their children. These are especially effective in boosting the intelligence and skills of school children. Credit 123rf In this sense, today you will find many platforms that provide you with rich and diverse educational resources. Here we give … Read more

Educational “gamer” at a school in the Paris suburbs, Edward Mendy

Armstrong, 8, applauds Edward Mendy, who has just passed “perfect” the PowerZ geography test, an educational video game involving Senegal and Chelsea goalkeeper, who came to play at an elementary school in Denmark. The big moment for the students of Didrott School in this city in the northern suburbs of Paris is the game with … Read more

“My letter to French parents”

Figarovox / Tribune – In an open letter to the parents of the students, the candidates for the assembly elections and the reconstituted leader! Concerned about the appointment of a new Minister of National Education and, more broadly, the imposition of “destructive education” on children. Reckoning party leader Eric Jemur is a candidate in the … Read more

The right of children to education is one of the priorities of Vietnam

94.4% of Vietnamese children have access to education. It is one of the 26 leading countries in the 8.7 Global Alliance for the Elimination of Forced Labor, Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Child Labor. >> Stop Violence Against Children>> COVID-19 Organizing to help orphans Children are taking part in making drawings carrying the message of … Read more

A fair education, driven by his ambitions according to his parents

Elon Musk dominates the news regularly, but despite intense media coverage of the world’s richest man, the beginnings of technology entrepreneurs in racist South Africa remain unclear. Amid controversy over his possible takeover on Twitter, his father, Errol Musk, told AFP that he had raised his sons in a tough way, like “good South African … Read more

Should disadvantaged children be stimulated more than others?

The idea is dear to the President of the Republic: inequality must be reduced from an early age. This ambition is already based on the 2018 Poverty Plan It was adopted, this Thursday, June 2, at the Institute Montagne, a liberal think tank, in a report “Future games are played in poor neighborhoods”. France, the … Read more

The complexity of the national education minister’s portfolio is very clear

This is his first trip with the President of the Republic, his first real appearance since taking office. Portrait. Pap Andyaye, a historian head of national education It’s time for this historian, the director of the Museum of Immigration History, to put on his ministerial attire. Frightened by the criticism of his appointment for his … Read more