In ten years, only ten French have gone into space

Astronaut, Tycoon, astronaut or astronaut? These four words refer to a complete person going into space. One astronaut is an American, one is a Chinese tycoon, one is a Russian astronaut and one is a European astronaut. The French who have traveled to space are therefore included in this latter category. Only ten of them … Read more

New method of warning about earthquakes

On the screen, a neon blue curve labeled “Tohoku”. Here is the simplest geophysical summary of the 2011 earthquake in Japan responsible for the Fukushima disaster. Worldwide, earthquakes have killed nearly one million people in the last 30 years, mainly in Indonesia and Haiti. In Sophia Antipolis, west of Nice, Quentin Blatari and his team … Read more

Google engineers claim that artificial intelligence has become ‘conscious’

The statement is controversial to say the least. Blake Lemoin, a Google engineer, wrote an email to his colleagues in early June with an explosive headline: “LaMDA has passion”. LaMDA is a computer program, a conversational agent created by the digital giant. Blake Lemoin is a former veteran, software engineer, pastor of a non-sectarian American … Read more

In space, a swarm of waste

“Dangerous.” Irresponsible. A The United States and NATO have reacted angrily to Russia’s launch of an anti-satellite missile on November 15. Analysis. Anti-Satellite Missile: A New Battlefield for Space, Great Power? Destroying an extinct satellite of its own, Russia has deliberately built Will create more than 1,500 identifiable orbital debris and possibly thousands of smaller … Read more

An encyclopedia to revive yesterday’s scent

“When you smell an old book, it smells like vanilla, and there’s hints of chocolate and caramel… in fact, it smells almost like ice cream! A Her face came alive when doctoral student Victoria-Ann Mitchell described the sweet-smelling perfume in St. Paul’s Cathedral’s 18th-century library in London. “The simple fact of being able to smell … Read more