Children in search of their origin

“Very, very happy.” Yes, Thomas “Really very happy”. The young man from Puy-en-Vel is almost stammering. He has been overwhelmed with emotion since the phone call came a few days ago. At the end of the line, a voice from Ethiopia said these few words: “I found your biological mother. She wants to talk to … Read more

Adopted children are victims of trafficking

“I found a whole family” Céline Breysse (1), adopted in Sri Lanka “I arrived in France in February 1983 at the age of 2 months and I was adopted by wonderful parents with whom I have always had a very good relationship. Can find my source. This quest has matured my whole life. For a … Read more

Large U.S. studies highlight the heavy socioeconomic impact on children growing up with absent parents

A boy and his father meet a delivery robot in Philoma, Oregon. 3Natalie Behring / Getty Images Getty Images via North America / AFP Family life A new study from the Institute for Family Studies found that having a biological father at home is a significant predictor of boys’ outcomes in fields ranging from criminal … Read more

In the picture, in the picture Tribute to Antoine Blondin, “The Lion’s Baby” and “The Wandering Pen”

Lyons-la-Forêt (Eure) is celebrating the centenary of the birth of novelist and sports columnist Antoine Blondin, who died in 1991, on Saturday, June 18, 2022, through a large exhibition entitled “Plum Vagabonde”. Tribute to the “Children of the Lions” will run until November 19, 2022. Antoine Blandin will be 100 years old in 2022. In … Read more

Place of life, marriage, children… how the couple decides

Who says the couple immediately thinks of the decision in a big way, including the most compelling question: living together? Get married? Have a child? Change region? Essential choices but those that only embrace a small part of the vast field of arbitration on which a couple’s life is built. On a daily basis, you’ll … Read more

A mother is exiled to Peru without her three children

Can an unregistered parent be deported from France without their children? However, in the case of Jacqueline Carmen Odante Montora, a mother was airlifted to Peru on June 1, from where she arrived. His three children, aged 7, 17 and 22, were in France with their father, also without a residence permit. Who was a … Read more

Should disadvantaged children be stimulated more than others?

The idea is dear to the President of the Republic: inequality must be reduced from an early age. This ambition is already based on the 2018 Poverty Plan It was adopted, this Thursday, June 2, at the Institute Montagne, a liberal think tank, in a report “Future games are played in poor neighborhoods”. France, the … Read more

The complexity of the national education minister’s portfolio is very clear

This is his first trip with the President of the Republic, his first real appearance since taking office. Portrait. Pap Andyaye, a historian head of national education It’s time for this historian, the director of the Museum of Immigration History, to put on his ministerial attire. Frightened by the criticism of his appointment for his … Read more

Parents face their children’s addiction: “not taking the burden”

Exceed: How do you explain that a young person switches to addiction? Muriel Lascox: There are no common profiles or criteria that indicate that such a family will face addictive behavior. However, there are risk factors, including genetics and family history. There are also different reasons: emotion, anxiety, difficulty making friends… some personalities are even … Read more

I hate being a mom at home

At the risk of regretting these words … I hate being a mom at home. Give me a chance to explain myself before throwing stones at me. I liked staying at home. I dreamed of a baby to cuddle and hug happily all day long. I have studied all the benefits that children get from … Read more