Disney’s first dinosaur eating Jurassic World

Walt Disney was a pioneer genius. His proof is ambitious again Fantasia Sections of the 1940’s and more Spring pickle Which traces the creation of the world and the age of the dinosaurs. Long before the resurgence of the Don Bluetooth and Steven Spielberg dinosaurs – for children Small dinosaurs and valleys of wonder Or … Read more

5 Great Brad Pitt Action Roll

An icon from the 80’s, this favorite actor is a genius of various genres and has acted in some famous action movies of a generation. Action as the cinematic genre is the most open and wide, providing a wide variety of different experiences and stories. Action is also a genre directed by major movie stars, … Read more

Bergman Island: Review what love is

There’s the movie, there’s Bergman Although the post-epidemic movie wants (and will) to regain its place as the world’s leading show, Mia Hansen-signed with love Bergman Island Seventh is respect for art and creation. The film begins in Faroe Islands, in the memory of several filmmakers and the great Ingmar Bergman, as the director of … Read more

Yozone: Space Violation

In an uncertain future, America is reeling from a major political struggle. Intense fight for influence between Cols (for people of color) and whites or Caucs (for Caucasians) characterizes a society characterized by color differences. A sign of the times, one of the presidential candidates, Jim Briskin, could be the first colored president in U.S. … Read more

Will Microsoft’s Space Opera be Sony’s killer?

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Starfield, its Skyrim space exclusively for the Xbox series and PC. Messiah-like expectations from all its players SkyrimAnd by all Xbox series and PC owners, Starfield Beat yourself up. Each of these appearances is an event in itself, and each time Bethesda shows a growing ambition for a … Read more

To watch or re-watch Christmas movies on Netflix

By Alice Masher Post At 14:45 on 03/11/2021, Update At 09:55 on 22/11/2021 Christmas Chronicles 2 With Goldie Han and Kurt Russell. Netflix When November is just beginning, all is well to immerse yourself in the magical world of Christmas (already). And for that, what’s better than a traditional Netflix marathon of vintage and new … Read more

Top 10 Biggest Boomer Movies, for Real Responses

How to define a big boomer movie? It is often a subtle mix of racist clich ,s, clumsy humor, ideological old values ​​and clash of cultures. With all these reactionary characters who understand that in life you have to be tolerant. Holy ceremony. It’s not what you want. Boomer movies, however, have plenty of them, … Read more

An Interstellar Canal + series review

People’s opium Guess whatInfinity, This seemingly dense division between science, religion, and even philosophy can only be a construction. As a reminder, the series describes the investigation surrounding the discovery of an astronaut’s body found on Earth in a strange nature. However, the latter still seems to be alive, as he simultaneously sent a message … Read more