Air France’s elegant challan upmarket

Exclusive – In support of its premium strategy, the airline introduced its new campaign as well as a redesigned long-distance business seat. Le Figaro Preface two discoveries. “France in the air “Everybody knew the signature of Air France for 7 years. Now we have to get in the habit of reading.” Flying in style “The … Read more

Five experiences to get to medieval times this summer

The film, inspired by the cult series on the occasion of its release on the big screen, has some idea of ​​going back in time. Fans of the series Camelot, Aired by M6 between 2005 and 2009, has been waiting for the film for years Here they are finally satisfied since the first part was … Read more

Air France has unveiled its new on-board safety instruction film

Exclusive – Six years after its previous campaign, the airline has released delightful and elegant new movies highlighting France’s most iconic tourist sites. Le Figaro French culture precedes this concentration. This is usually the moment when everyone looks out the window or looks at their smartphone at the end: the endless session of boarding security, … Read more

What are the seven wonders of the modern world? List and pictures

Discover the Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, the Colosseum … a list of the seven wonders of the modern world, photos of places and monuments, as well as our tips for visiting them. A tomb built by love, a city built at an altitude of more than 2,400 meters, a wall more than 20,000 kilometers long … Read more

Accommodation on an African safari near Nantes

VIDEO – South of Nantes, a zoo covering 85 hectares and home to more than 1,100 animals of 120 species, will open ten family wooden houses with a roof in late June to early July. Stiltus for a submerged, “reminiscent of a large reserve in Africa”. You dream of a safari in the African savannah … Read more