“Last straight line” before take off

It’s not over yetAbove, removeBut the countdown has begun: the Ariane 6 rocket, which allows Europe to stay in space competition, starting final test before its first flight, has been postponed to 2023. Also readSpace: The mysterious “radio circle” is slowly unfolding When assembled at the Kauro space base in French Guiana, the central part … Read more

HPI, Emily in Paris, Downton Abbey … all three are in the footsteps of your favorite series and movies in France

Some scenes from Season 2HPI Hautes-de-France is a seaside resort located on the border between Normandy and was pictured at Le Treport. Antonio Goudensio – stock.adobe.com In Lille metropolis or C ডিte d’Azur, go to filming locations for a movie and two series that are making news. HPI : Criminal Investigation in Hautes-de-France Following the … Read more

In ten years, only ten French have gone into space

Astronaut, Tycoon, astronaut or astronaut? These four words refer to a complete person going into space. One astronaut is an American, one is a Chinese tycoon, one is a Russian astronaut and one is a European astronaut. The French who have traveled to space are therefore included in this latter category. Only ten of them … Read more

France is stepping out with its European neighbors

Belgium repatriated six women and 16 children of jihadists from Syria with Belgian citizenship this Tuesday, June 21. Women are locked up as soon as they land, while youth protection services take care of children. The repatriation was described by Federal Prosecutor Frederick Van Liu “Political decision (2) Based on the best interests of the … Read more

Lu-Zen Hamida, spokesman for the voiceless

This is a strong personality who does not want to create numbers. Nikois Lu-Jane Hamida was elected vice-president of the Federation of Solidarity Actors (FAS), a heavyweight in the housing sector, which held its national congress on June 15 and 16 in Renaissance. “In the project we have adopted for the next five years, we … Read more

A mother is exiled to Peru without her three children

Can an unregistered parent be deported from France without their children? However, in the case of Jacqueline Carmen Odante Montora, a mother was airlifted to Peru on June 1, from where she arrived. His three children, aged 7, 17 and 22, were in France with their father, also without a residence permit. Who was a … Read more

Hope for treatment but lack of care

Published: 05/30/2022 – 20:12 Knowledge of multiple sclerosis has advanced in recent years, raising hopes for improved treatment. But people with this neurodegenerative disease are sorry for the lack of human and financial resources in managing their disability. New advances for multiple sclerosis patients may stem from a particularly important discovery made by American researchers … Read more

Catherine Colona, ​​a minister specializing in crisis diplomacy in Kwai d’Orsay

Chirac-Jospin cohabitation, the war in Iraq, Brexit … Catherine Colona, ​​the new French foreign minister, experienced in crisis diplomacy and complex negotiations. Portrait of a career diplomat, highly experienced and aware of international issues. “You’ve known me for years, you can count on me to know who I am or where I come from, and … Read more

“Dalva”, the “hopeful” journey of an injured child

Published: 05/21/2022 – 17:44 Presented to the ears as part of Critics’ Week, the Franco-Belgian film “Dalva” tells the story of a young girl who is torn from the clutches of her abusive father and has to re-learn how to live like a child her age. An impressive psychological dive that explores questions of control, … Read more

Should monthly leave be introduced in France?

“This is a false good idea” Karin Hirsch, Professional equality expert, director of the consulting firm Axiso, vice-president of the equality laboratory I have many questions about this. On the one hand, it is very good because we are finally concerned about it. I find it admirable that young feminists have succeeded in bringing this … Read more