“Law should be a few, not just a few, but an element of ordinary life.”

The Grenoble Burkini / Monokini affair, strictly out of a political perspective, calls into question the presence of bodies in public spaces, especially women’s bodies, religious bodies and women’s bodies. It also highlights the difficulty we have in legislating with concerns for both individual freedom and a united society. The appearance of the body in … Read more

Baurita: Atlantic Africa, a geo-strategic location based on a common identity

Nigeria’s Foreign Minister Geoffrey Oniyama spoke at a joint news conference with Cape Verde’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Regional Integration Rui Alberto de Figueroa Suarez and Foreign Minister for Cooperation Francofoni. Regional Integration and Gabonese Abroad, Michael Musa-Adamo, crowned by Rabat’s announcement at the end of the 1st Ministerial Meeting of the Atlantic … Read more