Manual activities for occupying children are recommended

It was during captivity that children and their parents discovered an interest in manual activity. The puzzle of planning activities for children over the summer holidays returns this year with a few exceptions. On the one hand, the children will have only August to rest before the resumption of lessons in early September, and on … Read more

2022-2023 calendar for 3 major regions, major holiday dates, return to school

When is the holiday for Zone A, B or C in the school year 2022-2023? What to ask for the next public holiday and more holidays? We take stock of the official school calendar. Summer vacation will begin next Thursday, July 7, after class, allowing many French people to fly to a new destination or … Read more

Seven boutique hotels in Lands, from Cygnos to Capbreton

Less frequently than the Basque Country, the Landes region has two faces: an infinite Atlantic Atlantic front and a steady wild Gascony country. And it offers the following charming addresses Between Les Échasses Golf and Surf Eco Lodge, Saubion In total, seven contemporary cabins (50 m2) have been placed on the water and reserved for … Read more

Cherbourg without umbrellas, five good reasons to go there in the spring

A town facing the English Channel, the gentle breeze reigns there and it is good to walk on the sidewalk, meditate in its magnificent gardens and discover its architectural treasures. Artificial port, an invaluable resource It was Napoleon I who ordered the huge work of the military port of Cherbourg and thankfully, the people of … Read more

Top 18 Reasons to Never Send Your Child to Summer Camp, Ever

1. He will learn social life No but oh, are we in the 70s hippie club or what ?? Learn community life, and why not teach him division and equality among men when we are doing it ?? I’m telling you, in this world, you don’t serve better than yourself, so you can also raise … Read more

Our most beautiful report of 2021

Editorial staff selected 10 reports from Tanzania via Sudan, Austria or Georgia Figaro Magazine Who made 2021. Enough to end a reverse year with well-inspired … A secret journey to Tanzania in the footsteps of wildlife From Serengeti to Ruaha National Park, journalist Vincent Noyux and photographer Stanislas Foutre went out in December. Le Figaro … Read more