From the source of child psychiatry to mental health

The entrance opens into a huge central alley with numerous trees planted on each side. In contrast, the captivating building of the Compagnie des Indes, proudly standing, brings us back to the rich memories of psychiatry at reunions. A closer look reveals that the old unused building of the first pediatric psychiatric structure has disappeared … Read more

A civic committee has called on MP Bashir to run for re-election in the 3rd constituency

Gallery: We, the citizens of the 3rd constituency of Reunion, committed women and men of Tampon, Entre-Dukes, Saint-Louis and Silas of La Riviera, current and / or former elected officials, various politically sensitive individuals, business leaders, farmers, businessmen, artisans, tourism professionals. , Health Professionals, Social Workers, Private Sector Employees, Civil Servants, Job Seekers, Retired, Student … Read more

France is still the number one tourist destination in Tanzania

France is still the number one tourist destination in Tanzania October 13, 2020 Frederick de Polygni No comments Featured Denis Lebouteux, Ethiopian Airlines, Samwel Shelukindo, Tanganika Expeditions, Tanzania National Parks, Tanzania, Wild Tanzania-Leaders Club 5573 views On June 1, 2020, after a 3-month shutdown due to Covid-19, Tanzania was the first African country to reopen … Read more