Rennes’ place is under the sign of “wellness” of animals

After the 2020 edition by Interposed Screen, the 35th International Livestock Show in Rennes, Space, is being held face-to-face this time between 14 and 16 September, under the themewelfare“animals, who”part of daily life» breeder. Also ReadLivestock increases greenhouse gases More than 1,100 exhibitors are expected, including 223 new and 323 international, the event’s commissioner general, … Read more

“Last straight line” before take off

It’s not over yetAbove, removeBut the countdown has begun: the Ariane 6 rocket, which allows Europe to stay in space competition, starting final test before its first flight, has been postponed to 2023. Also readSpace: The mysterious “radio circle” is slowly unfolding When assembled at the Kauro space base in French Guiana, the central part … Read more

Bank Postal: Data is a team game

Data and AI are central components of La Bank Postal’s strategic planning, with backlogs for more than 200 uses. To align data projects and strategic plans, companies set up distributed governance systems. Matthew Olivier, CDO of Postal Bank In March 2021, La Bank Postal presented its new 2030 strategic plan. Its ambition: to become the … Read more

From the source of child psychiatry to mental health

The entrance opens into a huge central alley with numerous trees planted on each side. In contrast, the captivating building of the Compagnie des Indes, proudly standing, brings us back to the rich memories of psychiatry at reunions. A closer look reveals that the old unused building of the first pediatric psychiatric structure has disappeared … Read more

American giants face local and packaged AI

Their dominance in the cloud allows large platforms to impose themselves on artificial intelligence. For Antoine Corette, the founder of Alejandro, it was not too late for the European ecosystem to differentiate itself. Antoine Corrett, founder of Alayar Can European companies find their place in the artificial intelligence market against America’s major platforms? AI should … Read more

Make AI Eco-Responsive | Alliance

The race for artificial intelligence performance has now merged with AI’s eco-responsibility concerns. The issue is emerging and many tools are still missing for achieving economical AI. During DIMS 2022, CEA’s Timothy Sylvester urges those responsible for innovation not to approach disruptive technology solely from a performance standpoint. These innovations must take into account resilience … Read more

Corsica with family? With Ollandini it’s free for kids *!

TourMaG mobile app Want to improve your vacation? Click and discover all our 2022 programming. Ollandini Voyages invites you to discover a selection of products for the whole family. A vibrant vacation, adapted hotel or accommodation, you will inevitably find what you are looking for! * On selection of presented institutions On Monday, May 30, … Read more

Johnny Depp – Amber Hard Trial: What to Remember After Six Weeks of Controversy

This is the case of the year in the United States. It will mark the country as Oz Simpson’s trial took place in his time and has been live in front of the eyes of millions of Americans since the camera was installed in the courtroom, Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Hard. This Friday, May … Read more

“Unregistered migrants live in public spaces as victims of police action”

How have you worked to bring so many detailed stories to this book? From 2007 to 2009, I met with 300 people from 40 different nationalities while providing legal assistance to local prisoners with SEMED. Ten years later, I keep seeing some people. I was especially close to the six of them. For example, with … Read more

5G for a more sustainable future

Receiving notifications about available parking spaces or air quality warnings is equipment that already exists. However, the full deployment of 5G will enable such service providers to increase tenfold in the cities of tomorrow. According to an Ericsson survey, by 2024, 5G will cover 25% of mobile traffic or 40% of the world’s population. Vincent … Read more