This new profession is entering the National Assembly-Mukti

The image of deputies wearing suits and ties, from high school, to the practice of intellectual or liberal professions, is repeatedly on the skin of the National Assembly. Sunday’s result puts (a little) lead in the wing of this shot. Occupations previously represented on the hemisphere will pave the way for their entry there. Of … Read more

The hard part starts now for Nupes

Score very close between the Left Alliance and Together! At the end of the first round of assembly elections, the two camps began a week of conflict. This campaign between the two rounds can be difficult for the Left Alliance which a The vote reserve is theoretically smaller than the presidential party. Knops will have … Read more

Is it normal that Damien Reu was able to cross the Franco-Italian border at night without being checked? – Release

Excluded this Sunday, Alpes-Maritime’s legislative re-election candidate, Damien Reu, staged himself across the Franco-Italian border. “Secretly”, In a video posted on social media on June 8. Sequentially, he borrows “Immigrant Path” Departure from Mortola, Italy “Immigrants leave when they want to cross the border into France.”. Purpose: To verify border security. In a few seconds … Read more

“There was no violence except sprinkling whipped cream on his hat” – Mukti

Assembly Election 2022Case Christoph and Olivier, teachers at the college in Montergis, have claimed that spraying cream on the former national education minister was not predictable. Through “Libé”, they assure that you want to condemn his “parachuting” in Loiret and the policy when he was in charge of Rue de Grenelle. Among the strawberries, tomatoes … Read more

“We have a complete, coherent and adapted project to please the Corsicans.”

– Why did you decide to run in the Assembly elections? – It is a logical continuation of many years of commitment to the service of others, first in a collaborative environment, then in the field and especially in the service of Corsica. However, there is no point in working on the results, if we … Read more