Top 10 people who sue their families for incredible reasons

Even if, for many, a lawyer is considered a sex worker, we rarely want to deal with them in court. And what we want is to face trial against our own family, especially since it’s a bit of a stain after Christmas dinner. However, assaulting your family in court happens every day in the world, … Read more

Top 18 Reasons to Never Send Your Child to Summer Camp, Ever

1. He will learn social life No but oh, are we in the 70s hippie club or what ?? Learn community life, and why not teach him division and equality among men when we are doing it ?? I’m telling you, in this world, you don’t serve better than yourself, so you can also raise … Read more

Top 10 tips to prevent your child from looking at the screen before the age of three

“There is no screen for 3 years! We hammer enough that it has affected our brain. But the big question for patient parents like Bruce Willis’ hair is: OK, but then how do we do it? Once we run out of stock of our nursery rhymes and fun manual activities, there are tips if we … Read more