3-click booking and price reduction on its BtoB platform

A non-complete selection of GIR 2022-2023 production of La Frances des Circuit, a brand of Premium Travel Group. Just a few clicks are enough to save these products on the BtoB platform while benefiting from significant price reductions. © La Française des Circuit La Française des Circuits’ 2022-2023 GIR Productions has expanded to adapt to … Read more

A civic committee has called on MP Bashir to run for re-election in the 3rd constituency

Gallery: We, the citizens of the 3rd constituency of Reunion, committed women and men of Tampon, Entre-Dukes, Saint-Louis and Silas of La Riviera, current and / or former elected officials, various politically sensitive individuals, business leaders, farmers, businessmen, artisans, tourism professionals. , Health Professionals, Social Workers, Private Sector Employees, Civil Servants, Job Seekers, Retired, Student … Read more

Discover Africa with Relais d’Afrique, a truly captivating and luxurious unique journey!

TourMaG mobile app Relais d’Afrique, these are 100% unique trips, à la carte, authentic, charming and responding to new trends! Big five or sea turtles? Finch Hatton or Diane Fossey? Masai or Bushmen tribe? A breathtaking safari on the plains of Serengeti or on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar? Okabhango or Salom Delta? Kruger … Read more