In Saint-Tropez, Sarah Staudinger made her own wedding dress to marry Ari Emanuel.

For the last afternoon, Sarah Stoud Wanted to wear something a little more retro. So her team created a look with a shell skirt and a men’s shirt to end the day in style. Nugget from a tailor-made wedding dress, Sarah Staudinger On D-Day morning, the bride wore a tuxedo dress Channel With a pair … Read more

Place of life, marriage, children… how the couple decides

Who says the couple immediately thinks of the decision in a big way, including the most compelling question: living together? Get married? Have a child? Change region? Essential choices but those that only embrace a small part of the vast field of arbitration on which a couple’s life is built. On a daily basis, you’ll … Read more

The deaths of three sisters paint a picture of domestic violence over dowry

Sardar Meena was searching in vain for her three daughters and her two grandchildren who had been missing for several days from their marital home in Dudu village in Rajasthan, India, when their bodies were found in an old well. Countryside Kalu, 27, the mother of a four-year-old boy and a 27-day-old child, her younger … Read more

Stylist Daniela Benaim wore three wedding dresses for her wedding in London and Caracas

Stylist Daniela Benaim And his companion Jonathan Levy Villa Planchart, a Florentine-style house built by Italian architects in the 1950s, says yes Geo Ponty Caracas, at the height of Venezuela. “I knew my boyfriend was creative and detailed, but this time he really did,” said the young woman, who thought he was attending a meeting … Read more

The bride asked Jack Posen for an Audrey Hepburn-inspired outfit for her wedding in her parents’ garden.

Max WinklerIts best friend Samantha WrestlerAnd his sister JoeThey were queuing for the Covid vaccine when they met accidentally Jason Borg. Joe Went to the University of Wisconsin with him in 2002. “I don’t even know if they’ve seen or talked to each other, but they’ve started chatting, and she immediately thought she’d be great.” … Read more

Top 14 bride and groom who utterly abuse, lack of education

Typically, what is scary in wedding preparations is the failure of the marriage: a caterer who cancels, a witness who loses the wedding ring, or even – but rarely – a groom who recites the alphabet during the full ceremony. But, sometimes, what is really frightening is the crazy request of the bride and groom … Read more

Reported from the Philippines, a prohibited divorce country

The Philippines, a Catholic majority, is the only country in the world, the Vatican, which prohibits divorce. It is impossible for a woman to get rid of a violent or unfaithful husband. The only exception is to prove his mental failure, a method reserved for the richest people. “My only wish before I die is … Read more

Camille Charrier talks about her wedding in Paris and her great Harris Reid upcycled lace wedding dress

Camille CharrierAuthors and influencers, and Franোয়াois Larpin, A film producer, met at a small group’s birthday dinner. “I was sitting next to her and immediately texted a friend to tell her that I had met my future husband,” recalls the founder of the hit blog. Camille over the rainbow. “She gave my best friend her … Read more

Actress Daniel Brooks was fascinated by a Christian Siriano wedding dress for her winter wedding

“Another adventure that was supposed to happen turned into a night I will never forget, coward Daniel Brooks. The actress is best known for her role in the Netflix series Orange is the new black And who was nominated for Tony for his role as Sophia Purple Broadway, originally decided to have a party with … Read more

Where and how to rent your wedding dress

By Sabrina Ponce Published 7:12 pm on 02/15/2022, Update 6:05 pm on 02/18/2022 Accustomed to the round fashion in everyday life, brides no longer hesitate to rent for the most iconic dress of their lives. Getty Images More and more future brides are deciding to walk in the aisle under bridal attire … lease. What … Read more