Better single or family planning

Defy Deal, an online booking platform, allows Mauritius and residents to benefit from exceptional offers on a variety of services, including hotels, land and water activities, wellness and beauty treatments, and restaurants. As a family, friend or couple, take advantage of the unique package by logging on to or by calling 210 5300 or … Read more

Follow on, Radio Plus and TéléPlus this Monday night at 8:30 – Super Maman: Radio Plus celebrates the bond between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

This is a new meeting place for internet users. Radio Plus introduces you to the game “Super Mom” ​​as part of Mother’s Day from Monday 23rd May to Sunday 29th May. For the occasion, eight pairs of mothers-in-law and their daughters-in-law will compete live at Dudland, Bagatel’s Celeb Restaurant. This Monday, May 23, the game … Read more