Top 18 Reasons to Never Send Your Child to Summer Camp, Ever

1. He will learn social life No but oh, are we in the 70s hippie club or what ?? Learn community life, and why not teach him division and equality among men when we are doing it ?? I’m telling you, in this world, you don’t serve better than yourself, so you can also raise … Read more

“A grandfather who fell from the sky” or a tragic past transition to the height of a child

BD Box – Designer Mark Lizano has sensitively adapted Yale Hassan’s young bestseller. It tactfully leads to a relationship between a young girl and her grandfather who escaped from the death camp. Deciphers for writers Le Figaro A capital plate of the album. This is a comic that you should read with your kids. A … Read more

Top 14 bride and groom who utterly abuse, lack of education

Typically, what is scary in wedding preparations is the failure of the marriage: a caterer who cancels, a witness who loses the wedding ring, or even – but rarely – a groom who recites the alphabet during the full ceremony. But, sometimes, what is really frightening is the crazy request of the bride and groom … Read more

Top 10 Biggest Boomer Movies, for Real Responses

How to define a big boomer movie? It is often a subtle mix of racist clich ,s, clumsy humor, ideological old values ​​and clash of cultures. With all these reactionary characters who understand that in life you have to be tolerant. Holy ceremony. It’s not what you want. Boomer movies, however, have plenty of them, … Read more

Top 10 tips to prevent your child from looking at the screen before the age of three

“There is no screen for 3 years! We hammer enough that it has affected our brain. But the big question for patient parents like Bruce Willis’ hair is: OK, but then how do we do it? Once we run out of stock of our nursery rhymes and fun manual activities, there are tips if we … Read more